By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jun 21, 2020 10:18 IST
Neither they have intruded into our border, nor taken over any post: PM Modi

“Neither have they intruded into our border nor has any post been taken over by them (China). 20 of our jawans were martyred, but those who dared Bharat Mata, they were taught a lesson,” The Prime Minister Narendra Modi was quoted as saying by ANI at the virtual meeting held on 19th June to discuss the status of the India-China Clash that took place earlier this week.  

The bland statement has aroused several unanswered questions and distress especially after China issued a statement stating that Galwan Valley is located on the Chinese side of the LAC, #MODISURRENDERSTOCHINA is now trending on twitter.
The Prime Minister’s remark has left experts and citizens baffled and enraged. Netizens and Twitterati have been trolling and criticizing the statement endlessly ever since. Some believe that Modi has yielded to China as the options available are limited.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi presented a series of concrete questions in front of the current government asking them if the intelligence failed to update them on any uncanny activity along The LAC. “Did the Military Intelligence not alert the Government about the intrusion and the build-up of massive forces along the LAC, whether on the Chinese side or the Indian Side?” Gandhi questioned. She further criticized the Modi government by stating that if timely action had been taken the unfortunate demise of 20 soldiers could have been avoided. “I would urge the Prime Minister to kindly share with us all the facts and the sequence of events beginning April this year to date,” she said. She also expressed her sorrow and anguish on the mishap and offered homage to the martyrs.

Earlier Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation yesterday on the recent Galwan incident. He assured the public of the fact that the sacrifice of these martyrs will not go in vain during a virtual meeting held on 17th June with The Union minister Amit Shah and 15 other chief ministers. He made it clear that strict action can and will be taken by India if instigated. A two-minute silence was observed by all present as a tribute to those who lost their lives. Other leaders including President Ram Nath Kovind and Defence minister Rajnath Singh too issued statements offering their deepest respect and condolences to the martyrs and their family.

The violent face-off between The Indian and Chinese Army that took place on Monday night has reportedly claimed 20 lives including that of a Commanding Officer. The incident took place along The Line of Actual Control in Galwan Valley, Ladakh. 35 casualties have been experienced on The Chinese side as well.

The clash was executed using stones and clubs entirely and no shots were fired by either of the sides because both the armies do not use firearms in the area as per provisions of two bilateral agreements signed in 1996 and 2005. Soldiers have mainly suffered injuries and died due to the stone pelting from the other side.

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A series of protests have erupted in the country due to the incident. 22 have been detained for protesting in front of the Chinese Embassy in Delhi yesterday since public gathering is prohibited in the area.

The Indian Army has recently issued a statement and clarified that no soldiers have been missing in action and has aired all the rumors around the same.

Written by- Arpita Pandey