By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Aug 02, 2020 10:15 IST
National Education Policy 2020 for Teachers: 4 Yr B.Ed, Preferential Employment, New hiring process

The New Education Policy (NEP) approved by the Union Cabinet is set to replace the 34-year-old Policy. The Policy is aimed at paving way for transformational changes in School & Higher Education system also brings changes in recruitment and deployment of the teachers. NEP which is aimed to make India a global knowledge superpower, encapsulates special merit based scholarship, structural changes in deployment of teachers, transfers, Teachers Eligibility Tests (Tests) and selection of Teachers.

To ensure that outstanding students enter the teaching profession- especially from rural areas, National Education Policy 2020 says, a large number of merit-based scholarships shall be instituted across the country for studying quality 4 year integrated B.Ed programmes. In rural areas, special merit-based scholarships will be established that also include preferential employment in their local areas upon successful completion of their B.Ed. programmes, NEP 2020 says. Such scholarships will provide local job opportunities to local students, especially female students, so that these students serve as local-area role models and as highly qualified teachers who speak the local language, it adds.

Incentives will be provided for teachers to take up teaching jobs in rural areas, especially in areas that are currently facing acute shortage of quality teachers. A key incentive for teaching in rural schools will be the provision of local housing near or on the school premises or increased housing allowances.

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Transparency in Transfers: The harmful practice of excessive teacher transfers will be halted, so that students have continuity in their role models and educational environments. Transfers will occur in very special circumstances, as suitably laid down in a structured manner by State/ UT governments. Furthermore, transfers will be conducted through an online computerized system that ensures transparency.

TET for all stages: Teacher Eligibility Tests (TETs) will be strengthened to inculcate better test material, both in terms of content and pedagogy. The TETs will also be extended to cover teachers across all stages (Foundational, Preparatory, Middle and Secondary) of school education.

Teacher's Recruitment: For subject teachers, suitable TET or NTA test scores in the corresponding subjects will also be taken into account for recruitment. To gauge passion and motivation for teaching, a classroom demonstration or interview will become an integral part of teacher hiring at schools and school complexes, National Education Policy 2020 reads.

Interviews would also be used to assess comfort and proficiency in teaching in the local language, so that every school/ school complex has at least some teachers who can converse with students in the local language and other prevalent home languages of students. Teachers in private schools also must have qualified similarly through TET, a demonstration/ interview, and knowledge of local language(s), it adds. Readers can download the New Education Policy Pdf from

Adequate no of Teachers in Schools: To ensure an adequate number of teachers across subjects- particularly in subjects such as art, physical education, vocational education, and languages - teachers could be recruited to a school or school complex and the sharing of teachers across schools could be considered in accordance with the grouping-of-schools adopted by State/ UT government, NEP says.