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Modi Went Plogging at Mamallapuram Beach in Tamil Nadu !! Cleaned Plastic for 30 Minutes

Prime Minister Modi on Saturday, went plogging at Mamallapuram Beach in Tamil Nadu. Prime Minister Modi is in Tamilnadu hosting Chinese President Xi- Jinping. On Saturday morning Prime Minister himself led the Clean India movement ahead when Modi went plogging at Mamallapuram Beach and gave soft signal to the movement across the Country.

Prime Minister Modi Went Plogging at Beach

The two leaders arrived in Mahabalipuram for Informal meeting and on Saturday, the second day of Meeting and meantime Prime Minster gave his time for the campaign for cleanliness. Modi is holding second informal meeting with Chinese president Xi- Jinping in Tamil Nadu, as the first meeting took place in Xinjiang China last year. President Xi?Jinping is on a two day informal visit to India where along with his delegation Meeting took place.

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Prime Minister Modi visited the Mahabalipuram (Mamallapurm) on the Saturday morning in Tamil Nadu. At Mamallapuram beach Modi went plogging picking the plastic waste spread on the beach there. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pledged to make India clean with several campaigns across the Country including Swachch Bharat Abhiyan, Single Use Plastic and Plastic Free India. During morning walk at Beach PM himself picked the plastic litters and cleaned in the middle. Doing that way, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emphasized on campaigns launched for cleanliness across the country.

Modi Xi-Jinping 2nd Informal Meating

Modi Jinping Meeting

For around 30 minutes Prime Minister went for plogging which in its own terms an unusual thing for a leader of any Country. Prime Minister also highlighted that Clean environment also helps much better to be fit and healthy.

As per the reports Prime Minister is giving the clear and sound message of cleanliness drive in Country. PM Narendra Modi said that we should ensure that our public places remain clean. Earlier to that Modi in his tweet also gave thank to Tamil Nadu state for warmth welcome of President Xi-Jinping on Friday.

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