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Migrant Workers, Students & Tourists can go Home, MHA allows amid lockdown

The Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday (29 April, 2020) released a notice allowing the Inter-State movement of migrant workers, students, tourists, pilgrims, and other various people who are stranded at different places. In its guidelines MHA stated that now according to Government's order movement is allowed within state and also Inter-State. It is stated in notice that movement of Migrant Workers, Students, Tourists and other persons is permitted across all states and Union Territories. The moving workers, students, Tourists will have to stay in quarantine for allowed time period.

Due to the lockdown, migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists, students & other persons are stranded at different places. They would be allowed to move as per the conditions in the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), said Ajoy Mehta, Chief Secretary, Government of Maharashtra COVID19.

Migrant Workers, Students & Tourists can go home

The Ministry of Home Affairs permitted the movement of migrant workers, tourists and students stuck at a place , to return to their hometowns. The home ministry has asked state governments to facilitate the movement of stranded students and migrant workers back to their respective hometowns. The government stated that the movement of a person will be allowed only if a person is seen asymptomatic after proper screening.

The notice stated that the states and Union Territories should designate nodal authorities and develop standard protocol for receiving and sending of such stranded persons. The authorities are also to register the stranded persons within their state or UT. There should also be a mutual agreement between the sending and receiving states/UTs.

The union Government has said that the stranded workers and students will have to travel by buses. It denied to fulfill the demand of state governments which wanted the trains to run to send them back. After listening to constant requests by migrant workers who urged the government to arrange for the facilities to take them back home, the government finally came up with a decision.

migrant workers students Tourists can go Home

The moving person(s) will pass through screening and those who found asymptomatic will be allowed to move. The road will be uses as a channel and buses will be used by the states. The buses must be sanitized and social distancing should also be followed in the seating as well.

The movement will be allowed if the governments of the states where they are stuck and where they have to reach agree for their travel. Many states like Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh had already bought back some people before any announcements by the Union Government. Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar has faced immense criticism for not bringing the residents back. After so many allegations, he stated that any step which goes against the Central government's regulations will not be taken by him.

migrant workers students Tourists can go Home

  • The moved person(s) will be quarantined for the time being and will also be checked by the local authority after their arrival at their destination.

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The government took these steps to help the stranded people reach to their native places and families without creating chaos and breaking the rules of social distancing and lockdown. The incidents of migrant workers disobeying social distancing at Bandra station in Maharashtra and other states also are the reasons for the government to take such decision.