Middle East: Saudi F-15s shoot down Iran-backed Houthi Drones

Yemen's Houthi forces fired drones and missiles at the heart of Saudi Arabia's oil industry on Sunday. The attacks drove Brent crude prices above $70 a barrel to their highest since January 2020.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Mar 08, 2021 17:38 IST
Middle East: Saudi F-15s shoot down Iran-backed Houthi Drones
Royal Saudi Arabia Airforce F-15 Strike Eagle

As per recent reports, Royal Saudi Arabia Airforce (RSAF) intercepted and shot down Iranian-backed Houthi drones on March 8th. The Incident took place on Monday when 10 Iranian-backed Houthi drones entered Saudi Airspace to attack Saudi Arabia's oil industry.

The Houthi Drones were Intercepted by F-15 aircraft of RSAF and were shot down using short-range Air-to-Air missiles (AAMs). According to some experts, the drones which were shot were  Samad-3’s and Qasef-2K. Both of these are armed drones that can be used for ground attack purposes. 

As per the video, 2 Samad-3’s and a Qasef-2K can be seen getting destroyed by AAMs that were fired from RSAF F-15 Jets. 

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