By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 20, 2020 13:14 IST
Manipur becomes Corona Free: Both infected patients discharged from Hospital

Manipur is has become corona free. ‘I am glad to share that Manipur is now corona free. Both patients have fully recovered and have tested negative. There are no fresh cases of the virus in the state, says Manipur C.M Biren Singh. On Monday Manipur C.M said that it has become possible because of cooperation of public and medical staff and strict enforcement of lockdown by the central govt.

Earlier there was 2 positive cases in Manipur, both the infected patients were quarantined and on Monday after their recovery recovered and no other case has been confirmed yet. However this news somewhere reliefs the govt. as well as citizens that community transmission is successfully being eradicated and they stopped the virus to entre in 3rd stage of transmission atleast in some states.

Manipur becomes Corona Free

However Goa has become the first corona free state in India. As Goa is a tourist hotspot corona cases were found there in foreigners and began to spread but Goa govt.has successfully encountered the cases,quarantined them and successfully stopped community transmission over there.

Cronoavirus  cases has reached at 17,265 across India. Out of this 2,547 people have been cured and 543 have been died due to covid-19. By Monday total 2,407,537 people are globally affected due to coronavirus out of that 625,082 cases has been cured and 165,082 have died.

Manipur becomes Corona Free

Jhankhand remained untouched from the virus for a long time until a woman who attended tabliqui zamaat has travelled there and then cases spread rapidly.From this example govt. should recognize importance of eliminating travel of any kind to maintain social distancing.

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It is indeed a good news to India that some of states of recovering and stabilizing as no new cases are found thus state can ensure effective measures to spread awareness regarding the coronavirus and maintaining distance.

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