By Neha Sinha, Updated : May 04, 2020 15:55 IST
Lockdown 3.0- Long lines at liquor shops across the country

As soon as the third phase of the lockdown started, liquor shops have been opened across the country. According to the central government rules, shops can be opened from 9 am to 7 pm. In the third phase of the lockdown, the central government has given permission to open liquor shops. During this time, several kilometers of lines are being seen at liquor shops in many states of the country. People started gathering outside liquor shops since morning. The Union Home Ministry has given clear instructions that during this period, social distancing should be fully taken care of. However, it did not see much effect, and people flouted the government order. During this period, police in many states had to run sticks.

Like other states of the country, liquor shops have opened in Delhi since Monday, but there is an atmosphere of chaos. People are also not following Social distance rules. Even in many places, the police have nosed lathis. Meanwhile, several liquor shops were also closed by the Delhi Police after the increasing crowd.

Long lines at liquor shops across the country

To curb the infection of Coronavirus, after the long lockdown from 24 March, the opening of liquor shops with conditions from Monday onwards had a big impact. Nearly 40 days later, people arrived at the shops opening much earlier. Before the opening of liquor shops in other cities of the state along with the capital Lucknow, long lines were installed outside them. During this time, physical distancing is also flying in many places. In Prayagraj, people worshiped and offered coconut before opening a liquor shop that had been closed for so many days.

According to the new guidelines of the government, liquor shops opened in the Mowa area of ​​Raipur. Long shears of people were seen outside the shop to buy liquor. Social distance has also been taken care of here.

Lockdown 3.0 guidelines, liquor Shops opened from today

Andhra Pradesh also witnessed a large crowd of people consuming liquor. People stood in long queues since morning to buy liquor at Muppala village in Krishna district. The crowd became so much that the police had to face trouble in maintaining social distancing among the people.

After the order to reopen liquor shops in the state, there is a long line of people coming out of contracts. According to government instructions, liquor shops will be allowed to open from 9 am to 7 pm with some restrictions. However, bars, pubs and restaurants will remain closed during this period. State on sale of liquor

Country-issued lockdowns have been extended until May 17. As soon as the third phase started, liquor shops have been opened across the country. Rules have been set for this and it has been made mandatory to follow the rules of social distancing at the shop. According to central government regulations, shops can be opened from 9 am to 7 pm. 

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