By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 13, 2020 09:08 IST
Lockdown may be extended with some experiments & conditions, govt sources

After the video conference meeting with Chief Ministers on April 11, Office of the Prime Minister hinted that all Chief Ministers agreed on extension in lockdown a preventive measure taken by Central Government. It is now clear that Lockdown would be extended, but as per inputs from Chief Ministers this extension in lockdown would bring some experiments like ease or relieve to some sectors to function or operate. Punjab and Haryana state Chief Ministers have hinted that some experiments may be made in this Lockdown extension by Central Government. Elaborating the discussion held in Video Conferencing, Punjab Chief Minister Amrinder Singh said that Prime Minister has agreed for some few businesses and manufacturing sectors to operate amid lockdown in those particular areas where Covid19 cases have not found or in minimal numbers.
There may be some experimentation from Government in announcing the extension in lockdown, said sources. It is confirm that lockdown is to be extended till month-end but there may be some experiments from Central Government after consent with state administrations, hinted sources. However the final decision is likely to be spelt out in the next two to three days. Businesses and markets may be allowed to resume in areas that have no infections or have recorded low cases of the disease.  
Among the experiments in lockdown extension there is possibility that states to designate districts, towns and cities in three zones- red, orange and green zones. There might be some zoning within cities and towns as well to allow differentiated restoration of normal life, hinted source.

Lockdown may be extended with experiments & conditions

The extension in lockdown may be with some experiments and with some conditions like use of masks and social distancing in public places. In the Video conference held between Chief Ministers of states and Prime Minister Modi there is also views given to restart economic activity in a graded manner.

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lockdown with experiments conditions

MSMEs may be given relaxation-

Cement industries may be allowed to function, Electronic repair services may be put out of restrictions,. Street vendors with fruits and vegetables may also be allowed to work along with daily wage workers.

Industries having production of Plastic, paint, optic fibre, Steel and Farous Mills, Paper, Fertilizes, Ornaments Vehicle, Powerloom, Transformer and circuit, Telecom equipment and food and drink production industries may be given go ahead.

Centre and states have agreed on some economic facilities to restart in few selected areas like Agriculture and manufacturing sector. As current lockdown is set to be extended beyond April 14, some suggestions with new experiments are also predicted from Central Government during this extension.

lockdown with experiments conditions

States may declare districts and areas in three zones- Red, Yellow and Green, and all hotspots, containment and sealing zones to be put into Red Zone. However, areas containing Covid-19 hotspots or fallen under Red zone won’t see any restoration of economic activity as yet.