INDIA Cases - 216,824, Deaths - 6,088

Global Cases - 6,567,260, Deaths - 387,911

lndians stranded abroad- 3036 Coronavirus infected, 25 deaths, MEA gives data - See Latest
lndians stranded abroad- 3036 Coronavirus infected, 25 deaths, MEA gives data

Total number of Indians infected with COVID19 abroad is 3036 from 53 countries and Indians infected with COVID19 who died abroad are 25 according to Government sources. According to MEA data as many as 3036 Indians have been affected by COVID-19 outside the country. Of this, so many are in Iran where most of them had gone for the Ziyarat pilgrimage. On Ministry of External Affairs also issued advice to Indians stranded abroad that 'Our advice is to stay put and reach out to the Indian missions which will provide maximum support' Total 53 countries approved to get HCQ medicine out of which 21 countries to get it on a commercial basis and others on a grant that is in very small quantities Sources.

Indians stranded abroad- Data

From MEA sources it has been informed that total 3036 Indian living in foreign countries are affected by COVID-19 pandemic. Reports say that total 25 of them are died until now. Ministry of external affairs has also assured well being of those stranded in other countries as ministry of external affairs advice to Indians stranded abroad that ‘Our advice is to stay put and reach out to the Indians missions which will provide maximum support’.

Govt. is planning to start chartered and special flights to evacuate its citizens from other countries. Simultaneously govt. should arrange proper quarantine facilities for them to reduce transmission of corona virus. India has also repatriated foreign nationals from 38 countries. As our Foreign ministry is always inclined to rescue the Indians in other countries whether it would be from Wuhan during the pandemic or from Pakistan as we saw efforts in Kulbhusan Jadhav’s case.

Hopefully  this time assurance directly from ministry served relief at some extent. It would be challenging for the govt. to reduce transmission as the cases in India has reached above 12000. But rescue is also important as perhaps many would be dying in other countries without proper medical facilities.

Indians stranded abroad-Data

Govt trying every possibility to bring stranded back

Singapore About 250 Indians, with nearly half of them staying in close contact in the dormitories for foreign workers, have tested positive for the coronavirus in Singapore, the Indian High Commission here said on Friday. Indian diplomat Jawed Ashraf told PTI that nearly all of the Indians who have the disease are mostly stable or improving. He said that about 250 Indian nationals, who are affected by the disease, include some permanent residents.

Of the infected Indians, nearly 50 percent are from dormitories for foreign workers, which have emerged because of the disease spreading points within the country. The first cases from the dormitories were reported on March 29, but the number of infections has climbed to 3036 from 53 countries.

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In India, the number of Coronavirus positive cases reached 12,380 in India and therefore the death stands at 414, the newest data released by the Union Health Ministry said on Thursday. The number of those who have recovered from the infection is 1,489. Maharashtra has the most number of cases – 3,081 and Delhi is on the second spot with 1,578 cases. As many as 325 districts in India have no cases of COVID19, Lav Agrawal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health, said during a regular media briefing today.