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Live Ayodhya Verdict Updates !! Historical Decision on Ram Mandir - See Latest
Live Ayodhya Verdict Updates !! Historical Decision on Ram Mandir

See Latest News- Historical decision on Ram Mandir is set to announce on Saturday November 9. And Live updates on Supreme Court decision are proceed here. Supreme Court of India is going to pronounce historic decision in country’s longest pending dispute over Ayodhya Ram Mandir. Five-judges' Constitution Bench including Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Justices S A Bobde, D Y Chandrachud, S Abdul Nazeer and Ashok Bhushan are going to deliver the decision on Ayodhya Land dispute or Ram Mandir decision at 10:30 am.

Top 5 Takeways of Historical Ram Mandir Verdict on 9/11-

1)-The Supreme Court has alotted the entire 2.77 acre disputed land for RamMandir

2) A Trust will be formed within 3 Months to start Ram Mandir Construction

3) 5 Acre suitable Land allotted for Mosque in Ayodhya

4) ASI's proofs made the verdict feasibl. Decision is not based on emotions and pity

5)  Faith of Hindus that Lord Rama was born in Ayodhya is undisputed

Decision in favor of All- SEE Latest

decision in favor of all

Live Update of Ayodhya Verdict

12:35 pm

Congress Party on Ayodhya Verdict

12:30PM- Indian National Congress Party Spokesperson Randip Surjewala- Party support the verdict,Supreme Court delivered in Ayodhya Case.

11:05 am

Muslim Board in Press Conference

Muslim Sunni Board Press Conference- Board Criticize Some Part of Verdict, dissatisfied over land allotted outside territory

11:15 am


CENTRE Govt & State Govt will decide Land location to Muslims

11:27 am


Ram Mandir will be build on Same Place in Ayodhya

11:09 am

Historical Decision

11:17AM- Ram Mandir Nyas Board is handed over to build Ram Mandir on the same disputed Place. In Suit Number Four - 5 Acre Land for Muslims in Ayodhya.

11:53 am

Final Ayodhya Verdict-

11:15AM-A trust to be made to build Ram Mandir within 3 Months

11:04 am

Decision-Land given to Form Ram Mandir

11:12AM- RamJanmbhoomi Land given to Nyas

11:37 am

Land Allotment to Muslims

11:11am- 5 Acre suitable land to be allotted to Muslims in Ayodhya

11:29 am

Tumbling Down of Moque

11:08AM- Tumbling down the Mosque was also against the Law

11:54 am


11:07AM- Different Land to be allotted to Muslims

11:39 am

Rama's Birth inside Temple

11:05AM- Lord Rama's birth evidences are there inside Tample Structure

11:35 am

Live Update

11:02AM- Tumbling down the Mandir structure was against Law

10:00 am

CJI Ranjan Gogoi

10:59AM- No permanet possession of Muslims & they haven't enough proofs over this

10:20 am

Verdict Highlights

10:50am- No decision on Aastha, will be based on proofs

10:09 am


10:50am- No power to Sunni Wakf Board to file Suit

10:50 am

No Dispute over Lord Ram Birth

10:46AM- No dispute over LORD Ram Birth

10:25 am

There was Ram Mandir

BREEAKING 10:44AM- Ram Mandir was there- ASI report accepted

10:00 am

Babri Masjid was invalid

10:42AM- Babri Masjid was not built at Vacant Line

10:11 am

Ram Lalla Viraajman

10:40AM- Nirmohi Akhara'bag also rejected

10:04 am

How Long Final Decision

10:30am- Total 30 Minutes will take to final Decision

10:28 am

First Breaking NEWS

10:30AM- Shia Wakf Board Plea rejected by Judges

10:27 am


10:30AM- Judges started reading the Decision

10:22 am


10:29AM- Five Bags by Five Judges are just going to deliver the decision

10:44 am

And Hours Clocking Rapidly

10:25AM- Entire Nation is waiting for the verdict and it is coming

10:02 am


10:16 AM Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi reached Supreme Court, heading towards Court Room to deliver Verdict on Ayodhya Ramjanmbhoomi

10:22 am

Lawyers Waiting for Chief Justice

10:15 AM- Lawyers in Supreme Court awaiting for SCI Chief Justice & other Judges

10:35 am

Security of Supreme Court Increased

10:10 AM- Security of Supreme Court of India Increased & Security & Intelligence agencies are on alert

09:37 am

What will Happen at 10:30AM

Five judges of Supreme Court will disclose 5 different bags and will deliver verdict on Ayodhya Case

10:59 am

November 16- Ayodhya Verdict Latest Updates

Lawyers & Judges reaching Supreme Court, Lawyer Tushar Mehta reached. Continuous assessment on Security arrangements in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. Security heightened at extreme level at all market places, malls & key destinations in UP, Delh, Mumbai.

09:07 am

Ayodhya Verdict- November Proceedings

Security Heightened in the Entire North India including Uttar Pradesh, Delhi & in neighbour states section 144 imposed. On November 15 (2:00 PM)- Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary Rajendra Kumar Tiwari and director general of police (DGP) Om Prakash Singh and took stock of security arrangements. And on November 15 (9:30PM)- Supreme Court decided to deliver the verdict on Saturday, November 9. Whereas on October 16- Supreme Court of India, headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi after 40 days long hearing Reserved its order on 16 October.