Krishna Dhaba attack aimed at terrorizing non-locals who moved to Valley, a reflection of 1989?

The terrorist attack at Krishna Dhaba, located in a high-security area of Srinagar, was aimed at terrorizing non-locals living in the Valley and disrupting tourist activity, Victim of the attack- Akash Mehra, 22, succumbed to his injuries on Sunday.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Feb 28, 2021 16:31 IST
Krishna Dhaba attack aimed at terrorizing non-locals who moved to Valley, a reflection of 1989?
Islamic Fundamentalists in Kashmir

Two weeks ago, Pakistan-based Muslim Janbaz force (an alias of Lashkar-e-Taiba) in its cowardly attempt to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere in the valley chose Krishna Dhaba to terrorize non-locals living in the Valley and disrupt tourist activity,

The horrific incident was perpetrated by Pakistani ISI-backed terrorists who shot at  22 years old Aakash Mehra at Krishna Dhaba in the high-security Sonwar area of the city. Akash sustained critical bullet shots in the abdomen and was shifted to SMHS hospital for treatment.

It was reported that on Sunday the son of the owner of famous Krishna Dhaba in Srinagar, Kashmir succumbed to his injuries As per reports, the outfit that claimed responsibility for the Krishna Dhaba attack called Akash “an outsider as he desired J&K domicile”.

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Ever since the abrogation of Article 370, A narrative has been created by the Pro-Pak forces that the whole demography of Kashmir will be changed by flooding in more non-Muslims in the valley, this mindset could be one of the reasons behind the Krishna Dhaba attack.

But things don't end here, well one could argue that the Abrogation of 370 might give outsiders a chance to settle in Kashmir, but the new law doesn't say that local Kashmiris will be ousted from their motherland.

In 1989, a similar drive was undertaken by Pro-Pak forces to terrorize local non-Muslims in the form of the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. Exodus was carried out when Kashmiri Hindus, as a result of being targeted by the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front and other pro-Pakistan Islamist insurgents, fled from the Kashmir Valley to seek refuge elsewhere in India. 

Kashmir was still enjoying its special status, the state was guarded by one of the most powerful militaries of that time, the Jammu & Kashmir National Conference (JKNC), a regional party supported by the central government, was ruling the state. Then, why did this happen?

The answer to the above question is the question itself- Do Kashmiri separatists want an independent Kashmir or a Fundamentalist radical Islamic state? 

 A new narrative is taking its grip on the local Kashmiri populace in which they are being made to believe that Kashmir is only for Muslims, hence no non-muslim shall be allowed to enter the valley. This mindset is backed by Pakistan which is using similar tactics which were used against the Soviets in the 1980s.

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Since Pakistan doesn't have the military capability to snatch Kashmir from India, it has to make sure that Kashmir shall always remain disrupted. In addition to this, certain local regional parties have also supported this right-wing stance of fundamentalists to stay relevant after the abrogation of the state's special status in August 2019. 

In the end, this can be concluded that more Krishna Dhaba-style attacks can be expected from fundamentalists to make sure that the center's push for the rehabilitation of non-Muslims in the valley is disrupted and the Pakistani narrative can still hold a relevant position in the minds of local people. 

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