29 Apr 2020, 04:00 pm By Neha Sinha
Dehradun Kedarnath Temple door to open 6:10am on wednesday

The Dehradun Kedarnath temple door was opened at 6.10 am on Wednesday with the first puja performed on behalf of PM Narendra Modi and only members of the shrine's committee and administrative officials attending it amid the coronavirus lockdown. The eleventh Jyotirlinga Kedarnath Lord's doors were opened in Aries Lagna, Punaravasu Nakshatra at 6.10 am after worship with rituals. On this occasion, the temple is decorated with 10 quintal flowers. Last year, 32 lakh people had visited Chardham, 3 thousand devotees had visited Kedarnath during the opening of the kapat. The palanquin from Kokerna reached Kedarnath within 2 days due to Korena, Kedarnath is worshiped in the Omkareshwar temple of Ukhimath in winter.

Kedarnath Temple door to open 6:10 am

The doors of the eleventh jyotirlinga at Kedarnath in the Garhwal Himalayas were opened at 6.10 am. The temple was decorated in a grand way with 10 quintals of flowers, temple committee officials said.

Dehradun Kedarnath Temple door to open 6:10am on wednesday

The portals of the four famous Himalayan shrines -- Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri -- are opened every year between April and May after a six-month closure during which they remain completely snowbound.

The Gangotri and Yamunotri shrines were opened on April 26 on the occasion of Akshay Tritiya. The Badrinath shrine will open on May 15. The first 'Rudra Abhishek' was performed on behalf of Prime Minister Modi, a Kedarnath temple committee official said.

Kedarnath Temple door to open 6:10 am on Wednesday

The pujas were performed by Shivshankar Ling in the absence of the chief priest, Bhimashankar Ling, who is in 14 days of quarantine. Only priests of the temple and officials of the temple committee and administration were present during the puja. Due to the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, pilgrims are not being allowed to visit the temple, an official said.

This year Visits are not allowed in the wake of rescue from Corona, only the doors are being opened now. So that puja Archana can be started in the dams. Assembly Speaker Premchand Aggarwal has sent a congratulatory message on the opening of the doors. Acharya Shiv Prasad Mamgai, a vice-chairman of Chardham Development Council, congratulated Kedarnath Dham for opening the doors.

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