02 Apr 2020, 10:40 am By Deepa Kunwar
Kambala Runner Nishant Shetty breaks the Record of Srinivas Gowda

Kambala managements said that on Sunday 16th February Nishant Shetty complete his 143 meter Race in 13.61 seconds , According to which  he complete his race of 100 meter race in 9.51 seconds. One more Kambala runner in Karnataka , who complete his race 100 meter in 9.51 seconds. Nishant Shetty who complete his race wonderfully and make his city in proud is trending on social media nowadays . According to the management of Kambala Nishant Shetty breaks the records of last 28 years.

 Nishant Shetty refuse to take participation on trial of SAI

Anand and Suresh Shetty also took part in his Venur Kambala race in which Nishant won. On February 1, Gowda ran 142.5 meters in just 13.62 seconds during the Kambala race at Ekala village near Mangaluru. He covered the first 100 meters in just 9.55 meters, after which he was compared to former Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, who has a world record of 9.58 seconds in 100 meters. After this, he was famous on social media. Kambala organizers said that on Sunday, Nishant Shetty completed 143 meters in 13.61 seconds, according to which he completed 100 meters in 9.51 seconds.


kambala runner break the record

Kambala race in Karnataka won by Nishant Shetty

Let us tell you that Kambala is an annual race, which is organized in Karnataka. In this race people along with their buffaloes cover a distance of 142 meters in the paddy fields. During this race, buffaloes are held in the hands of the runners, so it is clear that animals also play an important role in this time. The organizers of Kambala said that four contestants including Shetty completed the 100 meters in less than 10 seconds. Apart from Shetty, Iruvathur Anand (9.57 seconds), Akeri Suresh Shetty (9.57 seconds) and Srinivas Gowda (9.55 seconds) took less than 10 seconds to complete the race.