By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 02, 2020 08:34 IST
Kabul Gurudwara Attack kills 4, several injured as operation underway

The attack in Gurdwara of Kabul (Capital of the Afganistan) killed 4 people in the worshipping place of Sikhs and spread the dangerous form in the heart of the Sikhs. According to Sikh Lawmaker mentioned in his conversation, Kabul (also the Capital of the Afganistan) Gunmen attacked a religious gathering of Afganistan's minority Sikhs in their place of worship (Gurudwara) in Kabul's old city on Wednesday, killing at least 4 people.

As Interior Minister of Afganistan said, Police responded instantly to Wednesday's attack in Gurudwara and were at the site, where shooting is still underway. The place of Sikh where they worship is known as a Gurdwara.

Kabul Gurudwara Attack

Narinder Singh Khalsa (The Parliamentarian) said that, He received a call from a worshipper inside the Gurdwara telling him of the attack and rushed over to help. At the time of the attack, there were about 150 people inside the Gurdwara he said that at least four worshippers have been killed.

Kabul Gurudwara Attack kills 4,

Khalsa said that the police are trying to dislodge the attackers for attacking the Gurdwara. Sikhs have suffered widespread Social discrimination in the conservative Muslim country and are suffering from discrimination. No one has taken responsibility for the attack yet in Afghanistan. By the way, this is the Islamic State affiliate attacked a gathering of minority Shiite Muslims in Kabul, the capital of the Afganistan, killing 32 people, broken the heart of the Sikhs people after listening to this very sad news.

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Kabul Gurudwara Attack kills 4

As it was also mentioned that,  The Taliban rule around the 1990s, they were asked to identify themselves by wearing yellow color armbands, but the rule was not enforced.

A Statement is tweeted is in trend: Afghanistan forces have cleared the first floor of the Sikh worship area(Gurudwara) in Kabul, where security forces are fighting terrorists. Many people who were inside the building have been rescued, by the Afghanistan Media.
As it was also said that the Afghanistan interior ministry reports attacking Sikh religious site in Kabul, including suicide bombers