IRCTC says Rail Ticket refund automatically, no need to cancel tickets

All the passengers who have booked the trains are in the problem with the money that they spent on e-tickets. A big problem is raising in the mind of most passengers for canceling the Train/Railways tickets is that what will happen of the money that has been paid by them for Tickets Booking. As Railway subsidiary 'Indian Railway catering and Corporation' (IRCTC) said in a statement that big doubts have been raised regarding cancellation of e-tickets subsequent to the halting of railway passenger trains.

IRCTC rail ticket refund automatically 

New Delhi: The 'Indian Railway catering and Corporation' (IRCTC) mentioned in his statement that 'those passengers who have already booked Trains/Railways tickets will not be spoiled made people assured to have to right to use the money for next booking without any charges.

The 'Indian Railway catering and Corporation' (IRCTC) also said that this is the only doubts that have raised in the mind of those passengers who have already booked Trains/Railways.

As it was said that 'Refund money will be credited' to those passenger's account used for booking of e-tickets automatically when they will book again Railways/ Tickets. All the trains are canceled till 31 march due to dangerous virus COVID-19.

IRCTC raily ticket refund

IRCTC rail ticket

As India's Prime Minister has said not to be travel for any place to another place for this purpose train/railway are stopped. This decision was taken instantly due to Coronavirus spreading around us very rapidly. But there is no problem with the money that they have spent on booking e-tickets. All the money will be refunded and will be used in booking without any charges. 

No cancellation required on part of the passenger. If the passenger cancels their tickets they may get less refund. Therefore, passengers are advised not to cancel their tickets that they have booked already it may get them lost who have already booked their train tickets and canceled by the railways due to COVID-19.

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