International Yoga Day 2022: Images, Wishes, Greetings, Quotes, Messages, Slogans, Images & More

This year marks the eighth anniversary of International Yoga Day, which will be observed on June 21 in India and around the world. International Yoga Day 2022 images, wishes, greetings, quotes, messages, slogans, & more.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Jun 21, 2022 10:21 IST
International Yoga Day 2022: Images, Wishes, Greetings, Quotes, Messages, Slogans, Images & More
International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day 2022: Yoga is a 5,000-year-old physical, mental, and spiritual discipline that began in India. The word "yoga" comes from Sanskrit which means "to connect." The United Nations recognized it on June 21. Yoga has grown in popularity not only in India but all across the world. It represents an opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of yoga.  International Yoga Day 2022 images, wishes, greetings, quotes, messages, slogans, & more have been given here. 

International Yoga Day 2022: Greetings, Wishes & Messages 

  • A contented soul, a clear mind, and a healthy body. Yoga can help with all three. I wish you a wonderful Yoga Day!
  • Adopt nature's tempo. Patience is her secret. Happy International Yoga Day to you and everyone else!
  • Yoga is that light that, once lit, can never dim; the more you practice, the brighter the flame will be.
  • Yoga is not possible for those who eat excessively, do not eat at all, sleep excessively, or remain awake.
  • Yoga is a journey into, to, and through the self. Happy 2022 International Yoga Day!
  • Yoga is the path to happiness that the body requires in everyday life. International Yoga Day greetings!
  • In today's world, we are estranged from ourselves. As a result, yoga assists us in reconnecting with ourselves.
  • Yoga promotes both health and fitness. It is more than just an exercise; it is a means of achieving serenity through physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
  • Yoga is a journey into the self, through the self, and back to the self. International Yoga Day greetings!

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International Yoga Day 2022 Slogans

  • Yoga is a way of life, not a chore.
  • Yoga dates back to ancient India.
  • Yoga is an excellent opportunity to become more self-aware.
  • Stretch your thoughts and inspire yourself.
  • Yoga is a method, not a pose.
  • Yoga liberates one from fear.
  • Live the yoga lifestyle.
  • Stress and anxiety should be released.
  • Yoga is not about being flawless. It is all about practice!
  • Yoga both heals and assists.

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International Yoga Day 2022 Quotes & Images 

Yoga not only alters our perception of things, but it also alters the person who sees them.

Yoga is a technique for calming the mind. Not simply standing on one's head

Image source- jagran josh
Image source- jagran josh

If you wish to overcome life's anxiety, live in the present moment, in the breath.

Image source- wishesandquotes
Image source- wishesandquotes

Everything comes naturally when you listen to yourself. It emanates from within, like a strong desire to do anything. Make an effort to be compassionate. That is how yoga works.

image source- jagran english
image source- jagran english

We all want world peace, but it will never be realized unless we first discover peace inside ourselves.

business insider
business insider 

Meditation brings wisdom; the absence of meditation results in ignorance. Know what motivates you and what keeps you back, and select the route that leads to wisdom.

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