Indo-Afghan summit 2021: Afghanistan President thanks India for donating 5 lakh Covid vaccines

According to recent reports, PM Modi held summit-level talks with Afghan President Ghani on Tuesday, Afgan president lauded India's support for Afganistan in the fight against Coronavirus as India recently supplied Made-In-India vaccines to Afgan people.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Feb 09, 2021 18:25 IST
Indo-Afghan summit 2021: Afghanistan President thanks India for donating 5 lakh Covid vaccines
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani & PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi and Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani held summit-level talks through video conferencing on Tueasday. During the summit,  President Ashraf Ghani thanked PM Modi for supplying 5 Lakh doses of Coronavirus vaccines amid this time of hardship.

President Ashraf Ghani said, "Your decision to provide us with 5,00,000 doses of the vaccine at this critical time... there could not be a greater gift.". President also thanked India for the construction of Shahmoot Dam which will provide clean Drinking water to Afgan People.

"With Shahtoot reservoir, we will be able to implement our vision of restoring natural beauty that captivated the imagination of Babur. I thank India and PM Modi for offering this gift of water, in addition to the gift of vaccines". said, President Ghani.

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India and Afghanistan have signed an agreement on the Shahtoot dam, which will provide clean drinking water to the 2 million people of Kabul and will also be used for irrigation. 

This was  PM Modi's first virtual summit of this year. In 2020, PM Modi had several virtual summits with his counterparts from Australia, EU, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam.

PM Modi also indirectly signaled Pakistan for its terror financing activities in both India & Afganistan. "Both India and Afghanistan want to see the region free of terrorism.", Said, Prime Minister Modi.

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India had earlier gifted more than 20 metric tonnes of medicines to Afghanistan as part of assistance to help the country deal with the pandemic. India and Afghanistan share close ties and its strengthened amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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