By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jul 25, 2020 17:53 IST
Indian Air Force conduced air-strike in Nepal?, Here is the truth that PIB brings

A viral message on twitter claiming that an Indian Airforce jet has been shot down by Nepal, founds no reality after Indian Press Information Bureau (PIB) revealed the truth. Taking to its official social media handle PIB fact check on Saturday contradicted the claims made through a viral message in which Indian Fighter Aircraft was shot down. "It's Fake, No such claimed action has been conducted by Indian airforce on any neighbouring country, PIB fact check told.

Earlier from a twitter handle a fake tweet was made portraying Indian Fighter Aircraft was shown shot down. The user also claimed that Indian Air Force crossed the border and conducted air-strike in Kot Kharak Singh Pernawan near India-Nepal border. Fake tweet also claimed that in-response to Indian Air Force's response to conduct Air strike in Nepal, Nepalese shot down Indian jets and two Indian pilots killed.

On July 25, PIB denies all allegations and says the tweet is "Fake" and no such action taken by Indian Air Force. PIB says the images used in the tweet are from a previous date and also asked public "beware of panic mongers".

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Here is the Fake tweet showing Indian Airforce conducted air strike in Nepal-

indian air force conducted air strike in nepal pib denies

Note- The viral tweet and claims made in the viral-tweet are false and official authorities have denied such claims.