INDIA Cases - 174,355, Deaths - 4,982

Global Cases - 6,052,421, Deaths - 367,288

India receives 6.5 lakh testing kits from China, RTK & RNA extraction kits in consignment - See Latest
India receives 6.5 lakh testing kits from China, RTK & RNA extraction kits in consignment

On Thursday India receives its first order of 6.5 lakhs testing kits from China. According to government Sources total, 6.5 lakh kits including Rapid Antibody testing kits and RNA extraction kits  reached India on Thursday. In receiving testing kits from China Indian Ambassador said- ‘Our Embassy in Beijing and Consulate in Guangzhou played a key role' and on Thursday India is receiving it’s first consignment.

Among testing kits arriving from China will comprise of Rapid Antibody Testing Kits (first lot of 3 lakh from Guangzhou Wondfo and 2.5 lakh from Zhuhai Livzon) and RNA Extraction Kits (1 lakh from MGI Shenzhen).

India receives testing kits from China

India earlier ordered for rapid testing kits and other essential equipment from China as precautionary step amid Coronavirus outbreak. To fulfil state governments' requirement of testing kits Indian Government ordered Rapid Testing kits, RNA extraction kits from China through its consulate. China on other hand has started supplying essential equipments across Europe, America and other continents even being an originator of Coronavirus. The first case of Covid19 was reported from Wuhan, China in November last year.

After clearing custom consignment reached in India on Thursday, said Government Sources. Earlier in the day Indian Ambassador to China Vikram Mishri confirmed the dispatch of testing kits from China to India. In his tweet Ambassador said ‘A total of 650,000 kits, including Rapid Antibody Tests and RNA Extraction Kits have been despatched early today from Guangzhou Airport to India' and about to reach by Thursday afternoon.

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India receives testing kits from China

In India number of Coronavirus positive cases have increased to 12,000 mark with more than 400 death casualties till Wednesday. Maharashta, Delhi and Tamilnadu are among most affected states. According to MoHFW 170 districts have been found Covid19 hotspots and hotspots with clusters.

Is Chinese Kits inferior?

China has sent such inferior PPE kits, which cannot be worn in several European countries and Chinese testing kits and PPE kits have been rejected and returned by several countries. Many such videos are becoming viral on social media in which PPE kits sent to China are being torn as soon as they wear them. China has also done shameful acts in the name of mask. In days past, he had sent masks made to Pakistan. Now he has made a similar mockery with India too by sending inferior kits, testing kits to India, said an expert. However, after all that India is receiving it's first consignment of Testing kits today.