India-Pakistan: Pak Army Chief offers a hand of peace to India, bows regional peace and prosperity

Pak Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa while speaking on India-Pakistan relations, said, 'It is time to bury the past and move forward for resumption of the peace process and meaning full dialogue.'

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Mar 18, 2021 16:26 IST
India-Pakistan: Pak Army Chief offers a hand of peace to India, bows regional peace and prosperity
Pak Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa

According to recent reports, while speaking at Islamabad Security Dialogue, In the context of India-Pakistan relations, Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa has released a press statement in which he has offered to resume peace dialogue with India and General Bajwa has also called for a peaceful solution of Jammu and Kashmir issue.

Pak Army chief said, "Stable Indo-Pak relations is the key to unlock the untapped potential of South and Central Asia by ensuring connectivity in the East and West Asia, the potential has however remained hostage to the disputes & issues between two nuclear neighbors (India & Pakistan), Kashmir dispute is obviously at the heart of this problem".

General Bajwa further added, "It is important to understand that without the resolution of the Kashmir dispute through peaceful means, the process of subcontinental rapprochement will always remain susceptible to derailment to the politically motivated confrontation. However, we (Pakistan) feel, it is time to bury the past and move forward, but for the resumption of the peace process and meaning full dialogue, our neighbor will have to create conducting environment, Particularly in IOK."

Pak Army General Qamar Javed''s statement does not come as surprise to many people because a few days back, he had also offered a hand of peace to India saying "It is time to lend a hand of peace in all directions".

However, what comes as a surprise is that this is the first time that General Bajwa has directly taken India's name, moreover, he has addressed the Kashmir issue openly by offering India a dialogue for resolving the traditional issue of Jammu and Kashmir that has been a bone of contention between India & Pakistan for years. 

Given below is a tweet that has been shared by a leading Pakistani Journalist Kamran Khan that shows what exactly Qamar Javed Bajwa said on current India-Pakistan Relations

Tensions between India & Pak have soured to their lowest in recent years as Pakistan is continuously sending terrorists across LOC into Jammu and Kashmir to cause Instability and anarchy, however after a very long time Pak PM and Pak Army General has talked about resolving the issue peacefully with India.

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In August 2019, following the approval of the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill in the Indian Parliament, which revoked the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, further tension was brought between the two countries, with Pakistan downgrading its diplomatic ties, closing its airspace, and suspending bilateral trade with India.

Some Ray of hope arose when India and Pakistan last month announced a ceasefire along the Line of Control from midnight of February 24-25. DGMO of India & Pakistan held discussions over the situation along the LoC and all other sectors in a free, frank, and cordial atmosphere.

Both sides agreed to honor the 2003 ceasefire agreement to prevent loss of civilian and military lives on both sides of the border. 

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