By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 11, 2020 07:33 IST
India names list of Countries for Hydroxychloroquine, US, Brazil, Germany supplied 1st consignment

India on Friday names the first list of 13 countries for Hydroxychloroquine. In first list which India has cleared for Hydroxychloroquine comprises USA, Spain, Germany, Baharain, Brazil, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Sychelles and Dominican Republic. As per the Health Ministry and Ministry of External Affairs sources, India has sanctioned 35.82 lakh tablets however USA had asked for 48 lakhs Hydroxychloroquine tablets. In addition to that India also sanctioned 9MT API to US.

India names list of Countries for Hydroxychloroquine

Extending the list MEA sources confirmed that other countries like Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Maldives will also receive lakhs of tablets in first and second consignments as export laid down by Government of India.
Naming the list of countries, receiving Hydroxychloroquine tablets in first and second consignments, sources from Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India laid down the 13 countries list.  

Germany will also get 50 Lakh Hydroxychloroquine tablets in second consignment, however they are receiving only 1.5 MT API in first consignment, informed MEA sources.

India names list of countries for Hydroxychloroquine

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India overall has received request from more than 30 countries for the Hydroxychloroquine tablets an anti malarial Drug mostly manufactured in India. Earlier on Tuesday, Govt of India lifted the hold imposed on HCQ tablet for export. Indian govt amid Coronavirus Covid19 pandemic put hold on export of Hydroxychloroquine a drug recommended by ICMR for medical staff prevention during Covid19 patients' treatment.

Maldives thanks India for Hydroxychloroquine

Maldives Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid said after the approval of Hydroxychloroquine by Government of India 'Thank you Government of India for approving Maldivian request for Hydroxychloroquine which is being called a game changer in the fight against Covid19. A Friend in need is truly a friend indeed'.

Globally more than 16 lakh cases of COVID19 have been reported by April 10 (IST). Several European and American countries have come out with severe affect of Covid19 virus which was originated from Wuhan, China.

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