India-China ties 'profoundly disturbed' due to PLA's aggression, says EAM S Jaishankar on Indo-China border row

External Affairs Ministry issued a statement on Thursday stating that there has been no significant breakthrough in deescalating the Indo-China border confrontation. EAM also added that China has been amassing troops and constructing infrastructure close to the border areas.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Jan 28, 2021 15:46 IST
India-China ties 'profoundly disturbed' due to PLA's aggression, says EAM S Jaishankar on Indo-China border row
S. Jaishankar on Indo-China ties

Amid ongoing tensions with China, the External Ministry of India has issued a public statement on Thursday saying no significant progress has been made on arriving at a common understanding of the alignment of LAC in India-China border areas. At the same time, increased construction of border infrastructure, especially on Chinese has also been observed. This statement comes after the recent military talks that took place between PLA and the Indian Army on Jan 24th. Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar said."The issue before us is what Chinese posture signals, how it evolves, what implications it may have for the future of ties".

Jaishankar also Added, "We are yet to receive a credible explanation for the change in China's stance and massing of troops in border areas. They (events in Ladakh) not only signalled disregard for commitments on minimizing troops but also showed willingness to breach the peace. Events in eastern Ladakh last year have profoundly disturbed the relationship, Peace in border areas is the basis for overall development of ties with China, if it is disturbed, so inevitably is the rest of the relationship.

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Jaishankar also made another statement saying, "LAC must be strictly observed & respected, any attempt to unilaterally change status quo is completely unacceptable, agreements already reached must be adhered to in their entirety, both in letter and spirit". The India-China relationship is at crossroads; choices that are made will have profound repercussions not just for the two nations but for the world: EAM.

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All the recent events that have taken place at the India-China border point towards the fact that China is not ready to back down on its territorial claims made on Indian controlled areas, China's growing military capabilities could become a serious point of concern for India as a possibility of a limited or perhaps even a full-blown conflict can't be ruled out. India must remain prepared for a two-front engagement as the interoperability between Pak Army and PLA has also increased.

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