By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jun 04, 2020 12:12 IST
India-Australia Virtual Summit: Australian PM lauds India at WHO, recalls Samosa, Gujarati Khichadi & Modi Hug

On Thursday Indian Prime Minister Modi and Australian PM Scott Morrison chaired first bilateral summit after Covid19 outbreak. Holding India-Australia Virtual Summit online Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison commends over India's leadership going to chari WHO's executive board. Morrison recalled the Samosa, special Modi hug and also said "next time i will have Gujarati Khichdi in kitchen". During virtual interaction with PM Modi, he said "I have no doubt that India's leadership will be critical in dealing with difficult problems globally particularly in the health area", said Australian PM. Highlighting the bilateral relationship between two countries Australian PM also praised Indian efforts to deal with health crises under the leadership of PM Modi. Both the leaders also spoken over Indo-Pacific region, G20 and on other aspects of mutual interests. Recently India joined WHO Executive Board in May last week. Indian Health Minister Dr Harshwardhan became the World Health Organization's Executive Board's chairman for 3 years.

First bilateral virtual summit between India-Australia was held on June 4, between Indian PM Narendra Modi and his counterpart Scott Morrison. Earlier Prime Minister Narendra Modi was scheduled to travel to Australia for a bilateral visit but the same could not happen due to the global emergency that has arisen due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Australian PM Scott Morrison during Virtual Summit-

I commend India on its leadership on taking Chair of WHO's executive board. This is a very important time to be chairing that board & I have no doubt that India's leadership will be critical in dealing with difficult problems globally particularly in the health area.

"I wish I could be there for what has become the famous 'Modi hug' & share my samosas. Next time, it will have to be the Gujarati Khichdi. I will try that in the kitchen before next time we meet in person", said Australian PM Scott Morrison.

We are committed to an open, inclusive, and prosperous Indo-Pacific and India's role in that region, our region will be critical in the years ahead

We share an ocean & we share responsibility for that ocean as well, its health, well being & security. The relationship we are forming around those issues on our maritime domain, I think is the platform for so many other things between our countries said Scott Morrison, Australia PM

I thank you (PM Modi) for your leadership not just within India but broadly throughout G20, Indo-Pacific and the stabilizing, constructive & very positive role that you have played in these very difficult times, said Australian PM Scott Morrison.

Australian PM Scott Morrison says,"It doesn't surprise me, this is how (virtually) we'd continue to meet in these circumstances. You are the one who started hologram in your campaigning many years ago, maybe next time we can have a hologram of you here

PM Modi during India-Australia Virtual Summit

This is perfect time to further strengthen relations b/w India & Australia. There are endless opportunities to strengthen our friendship, it also brings with it challenges to turn this potential into reality, how our relation becomes a factor of stability for the region, said PM Modi.

Our govt has taken the decision to view this COVID19 crisis as an opportunity. In India, a process of comprehensive reforms has been initiated in almost all areas. Very soon its result will be seen at the ground level.

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India is committed to strengthening its relations with Australia, it is not only important for our two nations but also for the Indo-Pacific region and the whole world.

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