IIT Kanpur Study predicts Third Wave of COVID-19 in India by September, Shares 3 Possible Scenarios

Researchers from the IIT Kanpur have predicted that third wave of COVID-19 in India may appear by September. Three possible scenarios of 3rd wave have been shared by the Institute. Here below is the study analysis that IITK predicts regarding the possible COVID situation in India.

By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jun 23, 2021 11:48 IST
IIT Kanpur Study predicts Third Wave of COVID-19 in India by September, Shares 3 Possible Scenarios
IIT Kanpur predicts third wave of covid in india, shares 3 possible scenario

The researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur have predicted the third possible wave of COVID-19 in the country by September this year. IIT Kanpur has developed a 'Sutra', mathematics formula for predictions on COVID-19 in India and shared three possible scenarios of the 3rd wave of COVID.

The predictions of the IIT Kanpur researchers regarding the second wave of Coronavirus in India were quite accurate in several terms. Researchers from the Institute are making predictions based on their unique mathematical mode 'Sutra'. Profs. Rajesh Ranjan & Mahendra Verma, along with their team at IIT Kanpur, provide daily COVID-19 forecasts in India.

Following the trend, IIT Kanpur on Wednesday shared its predictions in concern to third wave of COVID-19 in India. IIT Kanpur's third wave predictions have been compiled in three possible scenarios. Institute's predictions are as follows- 

Scenario 1 (Back-to-Normal): Third-wave peak in October, lower peak height.

Scenario 2 (Normal with virus mutations): Peak could be higher, may appear by September.

Scenario 3 (Stricter interventions): Could be delayed until late October.

The data presented by IIT Kanpur is purely based on the research of the involved team, not based on the SUTRA model, and in no way reflects the official views of IIT Kanpur, an official tweet from IIT Kanpur reads.

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IIT Kanpur study and predictions regarding the second wave of Covid19, here're predictions that the premiere Institute made regarding 2nd wave:

1. Second wave weaned off in most states

2. Northeast States still record high numbers

3. India's daily avg count - reduced to 63,000

4. TPR<5% - Most states

5. TPR>10% - Kerala, Goa, Sikkim, Meghalaya

6. CFR - increased to 3.5%

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