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ICMR Study says 69% Covid19 cases found were asymptomatic - See Latest
22 Apr 2020, 04:10 pm By Rohit Sindhu
ICMR Study says 69% Covid19 cases found were asymptomatic

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) on Tuesday confirmed that 69% of covid 19 cases are asymptomatic whereas only 31% of cases are reflecting symptoms. Over 19 lakhs tests has been done till now in which 19,984 cases are confirmed 3870 have recovered and 640 deaths are reported. Dr . R. R Gangakhedkar head of epidemiology and communicable disease in ICMR said that in asymptomatic cases patients visit to hospital for checkup is also rare or low.

Joint Secretary MoHFW further said that 31% cases are symptomatic and 69% would fall under asymptomatic cases but in detected cases if one is symptomatic then other two are asymptomatic thus the ratio for asymptomatic and symptomatic cases is 2:1.

ICMR Study on Covid19 cases

Health Ministry mentioned that they consider term asymptomatic for those with mild and very mild symptoms and they are tested by contact tracing and community surveillance. Lav Aggarwal, Joint secretary of Health Ministry has categorised the symptoms in three phases by considering WHO norms. These are purely asymptomatic, pre symptomatic and symptomatic. They use asymptomatic word for those having pre symptomatic phase as well that means person having mild symptoms.

Those who are in direct contact with corona affected person if they are asymptomatic even then test is done and mostly results positive. This is effective manner to reduce spread of corona virus.

Officials also mentioned that asymptomatic persons are real bearer of the disease because they do not show and significant sign of having the disease but as of now asymptomatic cases are not so high otherwise there would have been many affected persons. Thankfully that is not the situation.

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As per WHO norms pre symptomatic period is actually incubation interval that could be around 5 to 14 days. Only after that patient turns to show symptoms. This period is most contiguous as chance of spreading virus are high because patient himself is unaware of the disease.