INDIA Cases - 216,824, Deaths - 6,088

Global Cases - 6,568,510, Deaths - 387,957

How long Coronavirus Vaccine will take? Indian Medical expert Answers - See Latest
How long Coronavirus Vaccine will take? Indian Medical expert Answers

The world has been working on finding a cure for the Coronavirus pandemic, various scientists and doctors are already researching and working in the direction of finding a permanent cure to relieve the world from this virus. The lockdown and social distancing may slow down the pace of the deadly infection but it won’t be helpful in curing of the disease. The world needs something more permanent and effective for this epidemic.

How long Coronavirus Vaccine will take?

Researchers and regulators are working to compress the typical 6-10 year time frame which usually takes for vaccines to get developed, approved and marketed to the public. The truth, according to many public health experts, is that it’s impossible to predict with much certainty how long it will take before a vaccine is widely available but since the phase-1 of developing a vaccine has already been started and is progressing quite well, some experts predict it will not take much time that the cure is available to the masses.

‘The cure is still on laboratory level and research level. The phase-1 of creating vaccine has already been started as in progress’, Dr. Mala Shrivastava of Gangaram hospital told to personnel of Akashwani when asked about the amount of time that can be taken in finding the cure.

According to the medical expert, it will take up to 6-7 months to create the vaccine and make it available to public. Moreover, the research won’t be taken to phase-2, i.e mass production of the vaccine, until and unless its safety profile is approved. Currently, six Indian companies are working on a vaccine for COVID-19, joining global efforts to find a quick cure for the deadly infection spreading rapidly across the world.

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Around the globe, approximately 80 companies and academic institutions are racing to produce a vaccine, and of those, five are already testing their vaccine candidates in people.