By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 21, 2020 14:52 IST
A history Teacher sets an example: Climbs a tree to overcome internet barriers to teach students

Amid the coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdown, businesses have been shut down, schools and colleges are closed. A lot of challenges are being faced by people as they are working from their homes. A picture of a teacher of West Bengal has caught everyone's attention on the internet who is giving online classes to his students.  The history teacher climbs a neem tree every day in order to overcome internet hurdles.

History teacher climbs a tree to teach students

Every morning, the 35-year-old man named Subrata Pati climbs up the neem tree next to his house and  receives incessant signals on his cell phone he uses to teach his students. The devotion of a teacher towards teaching his students during the times of a crisis is evident and thus, overwhelming. Subrata Pati gives lessons to his students on events of seminal importance that shaped civilizations and obliterated them, conquests by kings and generals, and horrors of war and pestilence.

A history teacher becomes an example: climbs a tree to overcome internet barriers to teach students.

I have temporarily shifted from my Kolkata residence to Ahanda, which is a part of the state's Jangalmalal area, to be with my family in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. That done, I couldn't have shrugged off my responsibility as a teacher. The Internet network here is mostly patchy, so I had to look for a solution,' the teacher said.

A history teacher becomes an example

Subrata takes food items and water with him to the tree when he has to take 2-3 classes simultaneously. 'Sometimes the heat and the urge to pee bother me, but I am trying to adjust... sometimes storms and thundershower damage the platform, but I try and fix it the next day. Under no circumstances I would want my students to be inconvenienced.', he said.

Subrata said that the students are the ones who keep him motivated and listen to his lectures with utmost patience and assure him of putting the best efforts possible. Pati said that with the help of some of the friends he managed to build a platform made of bamboo on the tree top to teach his pupils. Samit Ray, the chancellor of Adamas University, said the institute was proud of Pati as he has always been very sincere about his work.

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