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Gurmeet Goyat a 12 Year Old Journalist has Become Sensation- See Videos

A 12 Year Old 'Gurmeet Goyat' from Jind, Haryana has become sensation due to his Journalism Skills. Gurmeet Goyat has interviewed several Political personalities including Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Dushyant Chautala and several others. A Jind based 12 Year old Gurmeet Goyat who has dream to serve as Journalist has already started his own Youtube Channel. In interview with ANI Gurmeet Goayat has told that he has very clear goals after Schooling. Gurmeet Goyat want to serve as Journalist till 2034 and later he has goal to contest in Elections as an Independent. Gurmeet belongs to Jind District of Haryana state.

Gurmeet Goyat a 12 Year Old Journalist

In January 2019 Gurmeet Goyat started his own Youtube Channel and currently he has become sensation ahead of Haryana General Essembly Elections 2019. Answer to a question Gurmeet Goyat ?It was my grandfather's dream to see me make a name for myself in the society, he has passed away now, I regret he could not see me doing it. I want to serve as a journalist till 2034 with clear aim and later I have plan to contest in Elections as an Independent member.

Political Views-This has come out very interesting that a 12 Year Old boy from a Village in Jind has such interest in politics and Journalism. Furthermore he has decided to contest as an Independent after he becomes eligible to contest elections, his skills and intentions show he has broader views in Politics.

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Gurmeet Goyat Interview Videos

Gurmeet has done more than 100 interviews till date, he started making videos in January 2019. During interviews he acts like a good journalist asks questions to leaders without any sign of immaturity.

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