Fringe elements within Indian society trying to damage India's soft image for personal gains

A recent trend has been observed where certain Indian celebrities, politicians, activists, and social media influencers have started damaging India's image at the international level for their personal gains. A lot of fake news and anti-India propaganda has been observed.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Feb 03, 2021 19:22 IST
Fringe elements within Indian society trying to damage India's soft image for personal gains

India for a long time has maintained its worldwide image as a sovereign, secular soft power open to all ideas, communities, and faiths. But the damage to India's secular image has been observed lately, especially due to the circulation of anti-India fake news by fringe elements present within Indian society. 

A Member of Parliament, Mumbai North East, Manoj Kotak has also expressed his concerns over such incidents. He has said that while India is helping various countries such as Bangladesh, Maldives, Mauritius, South Africa, UAE, Myanmar, etc, with its covid vaccination support by supplying Indian-made Covaxin, there are some anti-national elements trying to tarnish India's image.

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Things have become more worrisome as these efforts have caught the attention of celebrities and activists from around the globe and they have begun to buy into this false anti-India propaganda. While people of a nation can be divided into leftist-rightist and pro-government or anti-government categories, but there are certain elements who, in order to damage the government's image end up damaging the image of the nation itself.

Ever since the surge of nationalism in the country in the past 7 years, such elements have become more vocal as well as more dogmatic towards their approach. From opposing development-prone policies to colluding with anti-India separatists and radical forces, these people have done everything to damage the country's image.

Talking about a hot topic such as the current farmer's protest, these elements have been rather successful in their efforts. Recently, a world-renowned artist Rihanna and environmental activist Greta Thunberg have recently tweeted in support of farmers without having any knowledge of current farm laws or farmer's situation in India.

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A lot of celebrities from India themselves begin blindly supporting these responses from Rihanna and Greta in order to garner attention and public support for personal gains. While it's ok to be critical of the ruling government, we have to make sure that we don't support fake news and end up. damaging our own image.

We have to remember India's role in providing assistance in UN peacekeeping missions and the current Indian resolve towards fighting COVID worldwide through its excellent vaccination for which India has received praise worldwide, Recently, Kevin Peitersen, a well-known cricketer also lauded Indian for its hospitality.

We as Indians have to keep in mind that we should never fall for this anti-India propaganda and should never support these fringe elements if we want to develop as a nation. 

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