By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 06, 2020 11:12 IST
Amid PM's Nine minutes call, fire broke out near Solapur Airport and in Jaipur

On 3 April, PM Modi has announced has urged to Indians citizen to switch off all the lights on Sunday at 9 O'clock for 9 minutes and lit Candles, Diyas, Mobile flashlights, etc against the novel Coronavirus.  PM Modi said to all the people to show their power, where all the world is frightened with Novel Coronavirus, there, on the other hand, Indians are happy and have not feared it has the courage to fight against coronavirus.

Most of the people celebrated this event with pomp and show, they turned off the lights on Sunday at 9 O'clock for 9 minutes, and lightening lamps or candles. Except for lightening lamps or candles, most of the people resorted to burst the firecrackers.

The fire broke out in Solapur airport and Jaipur

There were some areas in India, where it became the result of the firing. As per Media reported that Solapur's Airport in Jaipur became the massive firing area and it destroyed many essentials things but not recorded any hurt to the human being.

 PM's Nine minutes call

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Media also reported that the firing in the Solapur's Airport in Jaipur, was due to firing the firecrackers, someone who burst firecrackers nearby it. Except for the Solapur Airport area, there were some other places also in India, where the switching off the lights became the result of the firing and damage many assets there.

PM's Nine minutes call

The video shared on Twitter and it viral massively in India, there was said that - Massive fire in a building in my neighborhood from bursting crackers for 9baje9minutes. Fire brigade just drove in. Hope everyone's safe.

According to the Media reported that the main reason for massive firing around the Solapur Airport area, Jaipur or some other places was the Firecrackers. All the people celebrated it but due to negligence of some people it spread the fire around the area, heavy damage in Solapur Airport area, Jaipur.

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