Farmers' Protest: Punjab CM claims pro-Khalistani factions infiltrating the movement

According to Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amrinder Singh, Pro-Khalistani outfits have been infiltrating the farmers' movement. CM has claimed that a disturbed Punjab suits Pakistan's agenda. Pakistan is also dropping weapons across the border via drones.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Feb 21, 2021 13:39 IST
Farmers' Protest: Punjab CM claims pro-Khalistani factions infiltrating the movement
Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh

In a recent interview given by Punjab CM Amarinder Singh on Thursday, he has claimed that Pakistan-Backed pro-Khalistan outfits have infiltrated farmers' agitation against three farms laws. These organizations have been trying to create instability in Punjab to fulfill Pakistan's doctrine of 'Bleed India with thousand cuts'. 

CM Amarinder Singh has said, "You must remember: what suits Pakistan is a disturbed Punjab. They have a disturbed Kashmir; now a disturbed Punjab so they can contend with us in one way or the other. Now, the danger also lies more in the close collaboration between China and Pakistan. And it would suit them to do something here."

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"We have information that there are a lot of weapons coming into Punjab since the farmer's agitation started in October, certainly. Now sleeper cells in Punjab don’t have recruits to use these weapons. So where do you get new recruits? You will get them from people who are agitating and angry" said Chief Minister of Punjab.

"We must think how many of these youngsters sitting there (at the agitations) can be worked on by these guys? There will be some. It can be a recruitment ground. The object is to start disturbing conditions in Punjab" added Captain Amarinder Singh.

According to Captain Singh, First, weapons used to come in through the riverine border, by digging tunnels. Now Pakistan is delivering weapons via drones. Even if two drones are caught, there is no way of knowing how many have been launched by Pakistan.

"Nobody knows the destination, the numbers. That is why I met the Union Home Minister. People thought I had gone to talk on behalf of the farmers but that was not it. That day we had six or seven drones" added Amarinder Singh.

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Chief Minister also claimed that  BSF and the Air Force don’t have the capability to tackle this. CM Amarinder Singh also added "The Home Minister said they are looking into it… eventually, it is Punjab which is going to suffer. And this drone supply is continuing and this is what is worrying me. Radars are needed to pick up low flying drones with the capacity to shoot them down. Many countries have this capability".

He also added that the Centre should resolve this farmers' issue as soon as possible because the more young people have to sit on Delhi borders the more it will increase their anger. These angry young men are easy to brainwash and can be easily put into anti-national activities. 

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