Farm Laws matter in Supreme Court: What CJI says to Centre on Farmers' protest, Explained

Hearing the matter of Farm laws in Supreme Court, Chief Justice of India on Thursday said to farmers that you have right to protest which we are not going to interfere with. You carry on the protest. The purpose of protest must be served to talking to someone. You cannot sit in protest for years, CJI adds.

By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Dec 17, 2020 14:09 IST
Farm Laws matter in Supreme Court: What CJI says to Centre on Farmers' protest, Explained
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Hearing the farm laws matter CJI on Thursday said that blocking Delhi may lead to people in the city going hungry. He hints-out to the farmers that their purpose can be fulfilled by talking to someone and just sitting in protest won't help.

"A protest is constitutional till it does not destroy property or endanger life. Centre and farmers have to talk; We are thinking of an impartial and independent committee before whom both parties can give its side of story. The committee will give a finding which should be followed. The protest can go on in the meanwhile", says CJI on Farm laws.

We are also Indian, we're familiar with the plight of farmers and are sympathetic to their cause. You (farmers) have to only alter the way the protest is going. We will ensure you can plead your case & thus we are thinking of forming a committee. We recognize the fundamental right to protest against the laws and no question to curtail it. The only thing we can look into is that it should not cause damage to someone's life, CJI adds.

Farmers have right to protest. We won't interfere with it but the manner of protest is something we will look into. We will ask Centre what is the manner of protest going on, to slightly alter it so that it doesn't affect the citizens' right of movement. You (farmers) cannot instigate violence and cannot block a city like this, says CJI.

Hearing the pleas from both the sides he said that notice has to go all protesting farmers' bodies & suggests that case to be placed before a vacation bench of the court during winter break. AG says notice has to be served to all the farmers' representatives who have been part of the government talks so far.

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Earlier, speaking on behalf of the Centre, Attorney General KK Venugopal raising the Covid concern said that none of them (farmers) wears a face mask, they sit together in large numbers. COVID-19 is a concern, they will visit villages and spread it there. Farmers cannot violate the fundamental rights of others.

In a challenge to this Senior advocate and Sr. Congress leader P. Chidambaram representing Punjab government said that many farmers are from Punjab. The State has no objection to Court's suggestion that a group of people can facilitate dialogue b/w farmers & Centre. It is for farmers & Centre to decide who'll be on the committee.

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