By Raghvendra Shikhrani, Updated : Jun 06, 2020 11:24 IST
#FailedLockdown; Rahul Gandhi strikes debate by blaming BJP govt for not being able to control COVID19

In a recent development,  Rahul Gandhi has striked a fresh debate by blaming the BJP government for not being able to control COVID19 across the country. The former president of the Indian National Congress has shared a graphic on his official Twitter handle showcasing how Lockdown in India failed in controlling the rising cases of pandemic CoronaVirus. 

Graphic shared by Gandhi has a comparative detailed infographic between India and its international counterparts like Spain, Germany, UK, and Italy. The graphic showcases how other countries witnessed a dip in the cases of CoroanVirus during the lockdown and how cases have been increasing in India continuously even after many phases of lockdown. 

Gandhi simple captioned 'This is what a failed lockdown looks like' and let the graphic talking but his Tweet striked a debate across the nation where BJP is trying to justify where opposition parties have started have dig at PM Modi led central government. While some people are showing their concern for the rising cases of CoronaVirus in the country, on the other side some Twitter users comparing Failer Lockdown with Rahul Gandhi's political career by calling him 'Failed Politician". 

Media Chairperson of Indian National Congress- Rajasthan Dr. Archana Sharma supported Gandhi and she expressed her concern. "When graph of other countries descended after opening the Lock down why Indian graph of of Covid-19 cases is ascending? It clearly means our's was clueless and unplanned #FailedLockdown," wrote Dr. Archana Sharma. 

In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Janta Curfew as an experiment of Lockdown on 22nd Marcha, and ever since it was extended but CoronaVirus positive cases are rising consistently, even after imposing a nationwide lockdown. As per the reports, Friday was one of the worst days as India witnessed a spike of 9851 COVID19 cases and 273 deaths and that's a record of CoronaVirus cases and deaths in a single day. 

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