INDIA Cases - 198,370, Deaths - 5,608

Global Cases - 6,358,289, Deaths - 377,029

Economic implications of Extended Lockdown, How much it'll cost - See Latest
Economic implications of Extended Lockdown, How much it'll cost

As Prime Minister Modi has extended the lockdown till 3rd May, it's also being assumed that it will spare the Indian economy as well, said, experts. PM Modi on Tuesday took the decision to extend the lockdown reviewing the situation over Covid19. Though some relaxations have been hinted by Prime Minister after April 20, that will not serve Indian economy as most of the corporates to remain shut for another 19 days

Yes, there will be severe implementation on Indian Economy, lacs of people would suffer job loss and cut in pays. According to assessment, saving lives of people on one hand and Indian economy on another, Govt has decided to extend the lockdown till 3rd May. Though some experts also suggest that it will cost more on economic, if people don't follow the instructions and do not follow Social Distancing-

On this Tuesday (14 April 2020) morning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation regarding the lockdown’s phase 2. The lockdown is extended till 3 May 2020 and much more strictness would be applied during the first week of this phase.

Economic Implications of Extended Lockdown

In his speech, PM Modi thanked the public for following the rules and regulations of the lockdown and social distancing themselves despite the problems they faced and are facing during this crucial time. He also mentioned that the country has shown immense strength and courage, proving the slogan 'We the people of India'. Remembering Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, PM talked about how proud he would be of them standing as one nation and fighting the crises together.  

economic implications of Extended Lockdown

There has been a slowdown in the economy due to the lockdown but it is worth it.

The implementation of the holistic and integrated approach saved India from falling into the trap of COVID-19 and the path taken is right as it can be learned from the past weeks said the PM.  Stating the slow down in the economy due to the lockdown is worth it, PM reasoned it by saying the lives of the people are more precious than a temporary slowdown. 

He praised the State governments as well as the NGOs and other organizations that helped the people in this existing crisis. 

Roadmap of phase 2

The web meeting held on 11 April 2020 with the different state ministers already clarified that there would be an extension in the lockdown and today the Prime Minister officially announced the decision, extending it to 3 May 2020.

In his speech, PM Modi laid down the roadmap, how phase 2 of lockdown will move on.

The country will be kept under strict surveillance till 20 April 2020. Every region will be strictly monitored.

The regions that will show a decline in the number of COVID 19 cases, keep the number constant or would not let the COVID 19 hotspots develop till 20 April 2020 will be provided with some relaxation in the rules.

The relaxation is given in accordance with the farmers and the poor people who manage to complete their basic needs through the daily wages earned by them. 

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The guidelines will be released tomorrow.

The government is trying to remove the hurdles coming in the supply chain of products and health infrastructure is also being improved and made available in every region.

The Prime Minister also asked the citizens to be with him on the seven things.

  • Take care of elderly people at home.
  • Follow lockdown and social distancing. Use masks made at home, do not need to buy them.
  • Increase your immunity (ministry of Ayurveda has also released some guidelines to increase the immunity).
  • Use Aarogya Sethu mobile app to help stop the infection.
  • Help the people in need.
  • Do not fire the people working for you.
  • Respect the corona warriors (doctors, nurses, police officers).