Don’t complicate things and use common sense to be successful on any front says, Avichal Singh of The Hindu, Digital

Avichal Singh, who heads The Hindu Digital's Brand Solution department, offered some of his own mantras for success in a candid conversation.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Aug 09, 2022 15:41 IST
Don’t complicate things and use common sense to be successful on any front says, Avichal Singh of The Hindu, Digital
Avichal Singh, Head of The Hindu Digital's Brand Solution department

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In a candid discussion with Avichal Singh, who heads the Brand Solution vertical for The Hindu Digital, shared some of his cool mantras to be successful in life. Avichal is a firm believer in keeping things simple and practices meditation to keep himself calm and composed. Here are excerpts from the discussion with him:

See Latest: How has been your journey from a journalist to a marketing leader?

Avichal Singh: Well, this has been a fantastic journey with a lot of ups and downs. I started my career as a journalist then I moved to the marketing side of the business due to my inclination toward it. I am thankful to my bosses and colleagues for allowing me to explore exciting things that have shaped my career.

See Latest: You seem to have worked hard because switching career is not easy

Avichal Singh: A lot! In a span of 9-10 years, I have learned and unlearned a lot of things and certainly improved my approach on all fronts. Interestingly, Brand Solutions is still a new concept in India, therefore when I started in 2013 with the Times of India Group, there was nobody to guide or mentor. I was one of the initial team members at the Economic Times Brand Solutions vertical. We curated our own SOPs, timelines, and costs for various offerings for our company. Gradually, we kept changing processes, our deliverables, etc to sync with the market. 

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In the entire process, I met different kinds of people. Learned a lot of new things, and explored the technology. Pulled-off various big-ticket campaigns and managed a lot of big and small global brands. All in all, I have seen both phases, one, where everyone was criticizing me for taking decisions while the same set of people started appreciating me when they realized that everything is going to sort out. 

Why I am saying this because when you trust yourself, you are confident about your decisions and you take wise decisions, you are likely to get successful. Listen to what others are saying but use their feedback carefully, when you are leading something, you need to have an answer --- not for your bosses but for yourself -- for anything you do. Your actions should strictly be based on your math and plans. 

See Latest: What were your biggest challenges?

Avichal Singh: Managing people is one of the biggest challenges in the current scenario. I think the lack of skilled people, especially for the Brand Solutions role is a task. With the popularity of Brand Solutions, publishers have started expanding their Brand Solutions verticals, hence the demand for them has gone high.

See Latest: You are an inspiration for many because moving from Journalism to the Marketing side is not just glamourous but courageous too. What would you like to say to the young audience reading this interview?

Avichal Singh: Keep it simple. Don’t complicate things unnecessarily. Always do what you really want to do in life. Never compare yourself with what others are doing. You are responsible for your journey, not others, hence what you chose to do in your life will give you enormous success, until and unless you are disciplined, smart & a little hard-working and use your common sense to take decisions. Try to be you, take inspiration from people but create your success path yourself. 

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