Delhi Elections Result Live Updates| AAP vs BJP- A battle of nerves

Delhi Election Results- As counting begins on 11th Feb from initial trends AAP party started dominating. At some seats AAP party is facing neck to neck fight and some setbacks are reported till 11:30 am. As Delhi Election result early trends set pace, AAP Party is number one and BJP on second. Morning trends set pace for AAP Party's dominance and at 11:30 AM, Aam Aadmi Party is leading on 57 Seats and BJP on 13 seats. At Okhla seat, Patparganj, Matia Mahal and several other seats tough fight is going on, as reported.

Delhi is waiting for the results since Morning of 11th & trends have set AAP's victory in Delhi state assembly election. Amongst the bickering and accusations of EVM being handled in unauthorized ways, the exit polls clearly declared AAP as a clear favorite. The way media channels are ranting and abusing Delhiites after the exit polls suggests a clean sweep by AAP, lays open the rift between reality and the perception of it. It is absurd to suggest that Delhiites are not bothered by national issues and welfare and are voting to get freebies only. At 11 am AAP & BJP facing tough fight with AAP 46, BJP 24 Seats,Cong 00.

Such a negative reaction coming from a prominent news channel leaves one thinking what they have done, do they deserve to be abused on national television, said an expert.

Delhi Elections Result Live Updates

On 8th Feb voting was held on all 70 Assembly seats. Nearly 2700 polling stations and 13000 booths were set up across Delhi. Delhi Election vote counting on 11 will begin at 8 am. Trends on the Delhi Assembly elections will start coming in soon after the counting starts around 8 am. At See Latest live coverage to begin on 11 Feb as shortly the vote counting will begin. Seat wise / Constituency wise Result mark would be featured right here. Candidate wise Lead/ Trail will be shown from Morning of 11th Feb. Result Live Updates-

Latest News- AAP 58, BJP 12, Cong- 00 at 11:40 AM

Breaking News- AAP 46, BJP 24, Cong- 00 at 10:20 AM

What happened in Delhi?

Yes, Democracy happened, checks and balances were reclaimed. Issues of unemployment and a sloping economy are hovering on people's minds as much as the issues of CAA and NRC. The promise of better governance is still alluring to Delhiites and they keep local and national sorted. People who were on the brink of supporting the BJP have sensed some larger phenomenon and acted accordingly a voter said.

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delhi election result

Delhi Election Result Live- AAP VS BJP

CAA in Delhi Elections: When Citizenship Amendment Act or CAA is picked the narrative started to change with the tag of Modi 2.0 that shifted focus on its ideological core agendas and economic slump took a backseat. The opposition's narrative of CAA and the confusion surrounding its implications with regard to NRC were not addressed and the issue escalated to become a litmus test of some sort to prove one's nationalism. Many didn't like this but largely the BJP didn't lose its core voters but couldn't convert the split personality of Delhi's voters into a single one. Delhiites remained objective and didn't mix their nationalistic spirit with that of putting governance first.

delhi election result

Delhi Election Result Live Update- Live Updates @11 - AAP 58, BJP 12 & Cong-00

Catch live updates constituency wise with latest trends-

Watch Live Trends and Results
11:00 am

Watch Live Trends and Results

You can Catch live updates- AT Delhi Election Commissioner website.

11:59 am

Manish Sisodia trailing behind

Deputy CM & Education Minister of Delhi trailing behind once again. Live Result AAP 56, BJP 14, Cong 00

BJP Leading on Patpargaj, Sisodia trailing
09:01 am

BJP Leading on Patpargaj, Sisodia trailing

BJP has made lead over Deputy CM Manish Sisodia at Patparganj seat. Third Round voting finished- AAP 48, BJP 22, Cong 00

Shaheen Bagh Area- BJP Leading
09:09 am

Shaheen Bagh Area- BJP Leading

In Okhla, Timarpur & Patparganj BJP is leading and latest trends AAP- 47, BJP- 23 & Cong- 00

Manish Sisodia lagging behind on 28 votes

09:40 am

Breaking- BJP leads in Okhla

BJP leads in Muslim majority areas Okhla in East Delhi- Live Update- AAP 47, BJP 23, Cong 00

08:11 am

Seat wise trends

In Buradi, Badli, Mundka , Nangloi Jat AAP candidates leading

08:02 am

Live Result

From Nangloi Jat, AAP candidate Shokeen is leading