By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 02, 2020 11:19 IST
Delhi Elections Result 2020: Does BJP tastes its own medicine?

As Delhi Election results are about to begin in Morning of 11th Feb, here analysis is made on BJP's strategy and report card. After getting thumping majority in 2019 Lok Sabha elections which led Amit Shah to the driver's seat and he scored well on keeping up BJP's promises of removing Article 370 and later Ayodhya verdict which was the cherry on the cake. But soon the momentum of winning elections hit bumps with BJP losing Jharkhand and the bizarre debacle of Maharashtra. Delhi elections were complex from the beginning as the demographically Delhi is diverse and what drives it is a mix of metropolitan aspirations and socio-political narrative, the latter worked out in the favour of the BJP during the Lok Sabha elections. But as polling concluded on 8th Feb & exit polls delivered their surveyed estimations, that made BJP far from crossing mark. Several experts hinted that BJP somehow tasted its own medicine in Delhi Elections as AAP seems sweeping once again in Delhi.

Delhi Elections Result- BJP vs AAP

The way BJP campaigned for 2019 Lok Sabha poll making it a presidential style election worked well as Modi single handedly destroyed the leading faces of all opposition parties. The message of the electorate was loud and clear, Modi for Prime Minister. Period.

How Much Modi Magic in Delhi Elections?

It is unreasonable of the BJP to think that the Modi franchise will fetch those votes in all state elections too. And oversimplification of this assumed formula of success compounded with a vehement and negative campaign has done BJP damage. Kejriwal on the other hand seems to beat Amit Shah at his own game in Delhi. A superb campaign that focused on achievements rather than bickering put him on altogether another plain of political gambit. Kejriwal becomes for Delhi what Modi became for the nation, said a Delhi voter.

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Was Delhi Election a referendum on CAA?

It will be too short-sighted to label Delhi state assembly election results as the true mood of Delhi with respect to CAA. But it definitely shows that people prefer to overlook Shaheen Bagh as an isolated case as a discourse and by product of national politics and compartmentalized the local issues.

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delhi election result 2020

People's support to the BJP remains very much intact though the fragility of it should not be overlooked by the BJP think tanks. The level of negative campaign that was put up by the BJP has exposed it in the same way it has exposed opposition especially the Congress during Lok Sabha elections.

Good governance and local issues should not be overlooked and compensated with pills of nationalism. All states ruled by the BJP should put up a good show and retain voter's confidence by its merit. Think national, act local.

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