By , Updated : Apr 23, 2020 19:12 IST
Defence Minister inaugurates mobile laboratory developed for Covid-19 screening & testing

The Defence Minister of India, Mr. Rajnath Singh inaugurated a mobile laboratory developed by DRDO and its associates for conducting covid-19 screening and testing. The laboratory has a capacity of screening 1000+ samples on the daily basis.

Defence Minister Inaugurates Mobile Laboratory

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday (23 April, 2020) inaugurated a mobile lab named ‘Mobile Virology Research & Diagnostics Laboratory’ developed by DRDO for conducting covid-19 screening and R&D activities. This mobile lab has the screening capacity of more than 1000 samples daily.

The Defence Minister inaugurated the Laboratory through a virtual conference. During the conference hosted today, the Defence Minister complimented DRDO and various stakeholders in developing the mobile virology and diagnostic lab in a record 15 days. He also stated that this only goes to show how different organisations have raised to meeting the challenge posed by the Coronavirus pandemic. ‘The world and the country are faced with the rapid spread of Coronavirus, and concerted efforts are now underway to check the spread of the virus. In the context, we were feeling the need for a mobile testing lab’, Rajnath Singh said.

While admiring the efforts of the ESIC (Employee’s State Insurance Corporation) in helping to develop this lab, Singh also stated that ‘what was thought would be possible in six months, the collaborative effort has managed to do so and deliver it within a record 15 days.’ He even mentioned that the Defence Ministry and the Armed Forced have kept more than 9000 beds ready for the quarantine of suspects, if the situation arises.

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The companies such as ICOMM, a MEIL group company, Iclean and Hitex Hydraulic Industries were also involved in the development of the Mobile laboratory and the Defence minister admired them for their work as well. Defence Minister also hoped that various critical equipment required to meet the current crisis caused by the virus would be met through equipment developed indigenously, including many items developed by DRDO and other organisations.

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