By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 02, 2020 12:05 IST
COVID19 alarm rang in January in India, Safdarjung Doctor warned of Coronavirus through Social Media

Though first case of Coronavirus in India was reported on January 30, but the warning had come in beginning of January month as Safdarjung Hospital Doctor posted. Originated from Wuhan in China the Coronavirus has turned epidemic now and causing fatal casualties globally, meantime India is under complete Lockdown. As per Social Media post, a Doctor on Internship at VMMC&H Safdarjung College Delhi had posted on alarming situation due to Coronavirus and the precautions required for public safety. Dr Anu Sehrawat on January 2, posted on Facebook a precautionary message citing Govt of Odisha guidelines to prevent Coronavirus spread.

Through her social media post Doctor Anu Sehrawat conveyed the message to reduce risk of Coronavirus infection by signalling washing hands with Soap & water and covering nose and mouth while cough. Several instructions and precautionary measures were mentioned by Doctor through her post on Facebook on January 2nd.

Covid19 alarm rang in January in India

Letting as earlier social media awareness Dr Anu Sehrawat took on her Facebook profile on January 2, 2020 as awareness message to prevent Covid19 virus and how the fight against virus can be led. Safdarjung Doctor tweeted much in advance to the first case of Coronavirus later renamed COVID19 reported in India.

On March 28, the number of COVID19 positive cases in India climbed to 873 in numbers. Inspite of warning in late December and early January, cases in India are rising rapidly as March is about to end. Doctors, Health workers across India are fighting at their top level to reduce the fatality each day, as entire country is lockdown, announced by PM Modi on 24th of March.


Covid19 alarm had sounded much earlier when China was started reported Hundreds of virus positive cases daily in December and beginning of January. Aside of that Indian authorities were also ready and started screening at international airports in third week of January. The report suggested that medical staff in India was aware of Coronavirus and related news since December last year. 

Safdarjung Doctor Anu Sehrawat a Corona Fighter

Social media post of Dr Anu Sehrawat, a Doctor intern at Vardhman Mahavir Medical College & Hospital cited Covid19 virus fighting precautions on January 2, and seems led awareness along with authorities in advanced to spread. Doctor’s message portraying social awareness and skills to fight virus infection terms she is leading along with medical staff as Corona Fighters.

Currently as April is approaching, India is in second stage of Coronavirus pandemic and facing 21 days Lockdown across country, ending on April 14.

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