INDIA Cases - 216,824, Deaths - 6,088

Global Cases - 6,567,393, Deaths - 387,913

Covid19 750+ new cases in a day, most so far in India, deaths surpasses 200 mark - See Latest
Covid19 750+ new cases in a day, most so far in India, deaths surpasses 200 mark

On Thursday nearly 750 + new Coronavirus cases reported in a day which is Highest so far in India. In last twenty four hours more than 750 new cases emerged and took the total numbers of positive cases beyond 6500, according to HT sources. Also the 31 number of deaths also reported across the country fetching total number of casualties more than 200 mark. ‘It is highest so far in a day, the cases found Coronavirus positive', added source. In last few days the positive cases remained between 500-600, but ok Thursday it surpassed 750 mark, that’s highest so far in India.

Covid19 759+ New Cases in a Day

Thursday's toll is higher to 30% more than the previous 598 recorded in the same week of Wednesday. In Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Rajasthan and Gujarat, the number of COVID19 positive cases increased rapidly on April 9, said report. On Thursday 781 cases have been reported Covid19 positive across India.

In Maharashtra alone the state recorded first time 15+ cases, Tamil Nadu also neared 100 cases (96), in Rajasthan again the number of positive cases surged to 80, Gujarat recorded 76 cases and Delhi 51 on Thursday.

Covid19 Thursday’s Recovery & Deaths

Number of cases reported on Thursday reported 781, highest in a day in India so far. Whereas on Thursday 31 people died due to Coronavirus and nearly total 500 plus people have been discharged so far. Out of Thursday's 31 casualties, 15 death reported in Maharashtra and increased total 97 in state, whereas three deaths occurred in Delhi

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Maharashtra is emerging as most Coronavirus affected state in India. State counts total 20% cases of Country and 40% death casualties. Gujarat and Tamil Nadu on Thursday also spiked in Covid19 cases. In Gujarat 76 new Covid19 cases reported in last 24 hours, this is 29% of total cases in state. Whereas in Rajasthan 80 new cases found Coronavirus positive which is highest in state so far.

Covid19 750+ new cases in a day

In Telangana also 18 new positive cases reported, in Andhra Pradesh 15 new cases with two new deaths. In Kerala total no increased to 357. In Bihar twelve new Coronavirus positive cases were found which is highest in a day in state.