By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jun 25, 2020 18:25 IST
Coronil for treating COVID-19? Decision on Patanjali's drug soon, Ayush Ministry

AYUSH Minister Shripad Nayak objects to ‘misleading advertisements’ by Patanjali, demands adherence to rules. “It’s a good thing that Baba Ramdev has given a new medicine to the country but there are rules.” Shripad Nayak, Ayush Minister, was quoted saying on Wednesday. He further said that anyone can make medicine but they have to get AYUSH ministry’s confirmation, these are the rules and they must be followed. On the same day, Ramdev’s company was ordered to stop the ‘misleading’ advertisements. Any and all promotions were banned until their claims were confirmed by the Ministry. Patanjali submitted the necessary report to the ministry on Wednesday, as confirmed by the AYUSH Minister.

"We will be able to speak about it only when we look into the claims. I was told that they (Patanjali) have submitted a report to the ministry. The ministry will look into the report and final permission will be given after going through it," said Naik. The Ministry stated that they had no knowledge about the details of the research and experiment conducted by Patanjali earlier this week when the “cure” went viral after being widely advertised.

On Tuesday “Patanjali made a new medicine but the related details should come to the ministry for authentication” The Minister insisted. Composition of the medicines, location of the study, protocol, and sample size were amongst the details that have been asked from Patanjali by the Ministry.

ayush ministry over patanjali coronil baba ramdev

Yoga Guru Ramdev’s company launched Coronil and Swasari Vati earlier this week claiming it to be a tested cure for the deadly Coronavirus. The said medicine is believed to completely cure a patient within 3-7 days. The medicine is said to provide 100% favorable results.

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The medicines were to be launched next week. A new online portal was also supposed to go up to facilitate hassle-free, easy access online, confirmed sources. On other hand among latest developments, Rajasthan Health minister said "We will not give permission to Patanjali to sell their anti-Corona drug in the state. We will decide once they get approval from Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)".

Written By- Arpita Pandey