29 Apr 2020, 01:41 pm By Rohit Sindhu
Coronavirus to end by July end in India, Singapore University AI assessment

According to researchers at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, in a report, it is said that India will be 100% free of coronavirus by July 26, 2020. As per report prepared by Singapore Data Scientists, with the help of Artificial Intelligence  technology, COVID-19 will end 97% by May 25, and 99% by June 4 in India. The predictions have been made by Singapore University of Technology and Design. There will be no cases of coronavirus in India in August, according to the reports. However, the cases will continue to be seen till November 27 in the other countries.

Coronavirus to end by July end in India

Covid-19 will vanish 97% by May 25 in india and 99% by June 16 across the world. Virus has already vanished 99% in some countries including South Korea, China , New Zealand , Vietnam and Australia. The scientists, however, claimed that the productions totally rely on data available and could alter because of adopted policies and relief measures.

Most of the people around the world today naturally want to know when the COVID-19 pandemic will end. However, estimating the end dates naturally difficult due to the uncertainty of future as a result of the complex, dynamic and heterogeneous nature of the world we live in and the infectious disease we are facing,' writes the Jianxi Luo, Director of DDI about the motivation behind their prediction.

Dr Luo explained that Covid-19 also follows an entire cycle starting from initial outbreak, growing stage, inflexion point and falling stage and then eventual ending. He further said that since the government of different countries cant want for its last stage to start working on reviving the economy , understanding its pattern to further plan the measures is crucial. Because of the complex, dynamic and heterogeneous realities in different countries, the curve, inflection and end dates must be continuously re-estimated with the newest data from official channels every day. The model-based and data-driven estimation of pandemic life cycle, inflection and end dates, if properly done, may reduce anxiety and over-optimism and prepare the mentality of all of us for the next phases of the epidemic evolution,' explains Dr Luo, in a statement.

More than two lakh deaths have been reported so far & more than 3 million people are infected. Half of the population is a lockdown in homes. In the midst of all this, the corona lockdown is easing in some countries, but the most important question on people's minds is, when will the world get rid of Corona? The University of Singapore report said that India will be free of coronaviruses in late July. The University of Singapore in its report said that 97 percent of India's coronavirus cases will be eliminated before May 22. 99% by June 1 and by July 25, the country will be 100% free of coronavirus.

According to the University of Singapore report using the artificial intelligence data analysis method, the University of Singapore in its report said 97 percent of India's coronavirus cases will eradicate on May 22, 99% on June 1 and July 25, the country will be 100 percent free of coronavirus.

Coronavirus to end by July end in India

Researchers from Singapore University of Technology and Design said through data analysis powered by artificial intelligence how long the coronavirus will last in the world. According to the study, the crown of all countries in the world will end on December 9, 2020. From India, it will end completely on July 26. It is estimated that it will end in the USA. The USA Before August 27. Similarly, Corona will end completely on August 7 in Spain and on August 25 in Italy.

corona graph

The researchers have given three times estimates for the end of the epidemic. Accordingly, when will the crown end 97%, 99% and when will it end 100%? This is explained through a graph. The possible time to finish the crown of all the countries of the world is also reported. However, the researchers made clear that a small change in their estimated time frame is possible, as the estimated time to finish the crown in China was reported on April 9, 2020. The same day that China opened the closure in Wuhan. Although there are still some cases in China, their number is not very high.

Singapore University Report said Coronavirus to end by July end 

The researchers have conducted this assessment based on a comparative study of data on new cases, deaths, and patients recovering from the crown daily. Accordingly, 97% of the world's Crown cases will end on May 30, 99% on June 17, and 100% on December 9, 2020. 97% of India's Crown cases will end on May 22, 99% of cases on June 1 and 100% for July 26, 2020. If we talk about the United States, where it is estimated that 97% of Corona cases will end by May 12, 99% for May 24 and 100% for August 27, 2020.

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