By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 23, 2020 10:58 IST
Coronavirus spreads through Mobile Phones, Doctors asked to submit Phones, WB Chief Secretary

As the number of Novel coronavirus cases in India has raised, The WB Chief Secretary said Novel coronavirus spreads through mobile phones and this decision has been taken, as per WHO guidelines, to control the spread of coronavirus infection. All doctors, medical staff, & patients must deposit their mobile phones outside and collect them while leaving the hospital. 

As per WHO Guidelines Novel coronavirus has also spread through mobile phones and to control the spread of Coronavirus infection, All doctor, medical staff, and Patients must deposit their mobile phones outside the hospital and collect it while leaving the hospital, So we can control the spread of novel coronavirus. The West Bengal government has already banned the use of mobile phones inside the hospitals.

Coronavirus spread through Mobile Phones

Kolkata the state chief secretary Rajiva Sinha said on Wednesday 'Doctors, health workers and patients have been banned from using cell phones inside hospitals' Landlines and intercom would be installed for the use of patients in isolation wards, he said.  As India's total number of Coronavirus positive cases rise to 21393 (including 16454 active cases, 4257 cured/discharged/migrated and 681 deaths) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. 

According to the Rajasthan Health dept 47 COVID19 positive cases have been reported in Rajasthan today so far - 20 in Jodhpur, 12 in Jaipur, 10 in Nagaur, 2 each in Hanumangarh & Kota, 1 in Ajmer. A total number of positive cases in the state rises to 1935, including 27 deaths and 344 recovered: Rajasthan Health dept.

Coronavirus spreads through Mobile, Doctors asked to submit Phones

After the Kolkata video of the ward went viral that there was no one to pick the dead bodies. The West Bengal government has banned the use of mobile phones inside hospitals, saying they are a risk since they could carry the coronavirus. The BJP alleges that the movement has been fueled by a video that has gone viral, of two bodies lying in a room full of COVID-19 patients.

The person who filmed the video says in their comment that the bodies were lying in the room for two or three hours. One of the bodies appears to be covered with a plastic sheet. The other is surrounded by a cloth partition. There are patients sitting on either side of the body.

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