By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 11, 2020 07:43 IST
Coronavirus infected trespassed in India via Nepal Border suspects SSB, issued letter to Administration

It is being assumed that 40-50 Coronavirus infected infiltrators could have been trespassed in India, stated SSB's letter to Bihar local administration. On April 3, Sashastra Seema Bal warned Bihar Administration via letter citing illegal infiltration through Nepal Border. In letter it is said that around 40 to 50 Coronavirus positive infiltrators could have trespassed inside Indian territory via Nepal Border with the help of Nepal based arms smuggler named Jalim Mukhiya.  

Sashastra Seema Bal on Friday again brought the issue of illegal trespassing of suspected Coronavirus infected infiltrators via Nepal Border. It is being said that under some foreign instructions Coronavirus infected people are being helped to trespass in India through the Nepal border. Around 40-50 Coronavirus infected infiltrators are trying today warned Sashastra Seema Bal in its letter to Administration.

Coronavirus infected trespassed in India

According to a letter issued by Sashastra Seema Bal to Bihar Govt administration cited that around 200 Coronavirus infected people who were working in different Muslim countries have gathered in Nepal and trying to infiltrate inside Indian territory via Nepal Border. Behind all this a Nepal based illegal arms smuggler Jalim Mukhiya has plotted to make Coronavirus infected infiltrators to trespass in Indian territory.

It is also highlighted in SSB's letter to Bihar local administration that via Nepal Border around 40-50 Infected people could have trespassed on the day SSB issued letter. ‘By consuming Paracetamol the infiltrators are trying to trespass the Indian Border in Bihar’ intimated through SSB’s letter. The letter to Bihar Betiya DM and Superintendent of Police was written by SSB  as alarming due to infiltrations of Coronavirus infected people via Nepal border on April 3.

SSB on Friday tweeted in the same direction that, 'We are enforcing strict Lockdown and Nepal has been doing the same way by augmenting their deployment. The letter is based on Intelligence input about a criminal, we're looking into it', said DG SSB.

Jalim Mukhiya behind Corona infected trespass

Nepal based an illegal arms smuggler Jalim Mukhiya is named handler behind this trespassing. About 40-50 infected people could have been infiltrated inside territory on April 3, mentioned SSB. A Nepali citizen could have sent 40-50 Coronavirus infected including some Pakistan citizens inside Indian territory, according to Sashastra Seema Bal letter to admin. The infiltrators are being helped by Jalim Mukhiya a Nepal based illegal arms contractor and via Raksaul border infiltrations are being made.

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On April 3, a letter was written to local administration by SSB mentioning that People who were working in Muslim countries, several citizens from different countries including Pakistan were trying to infiltrate in India and they could be Coronavirus infected.

Jalim Mukhiya a ISI Agent?

As per reports the suspected arms smuggler likely to have contacts with Pak Agency ISI as he has approached several Tablighi Jamaat muslims in Nepal. Jalim Mukhiya was Maodi party leader in Nepal and now has Historyseater and Nepal ISI Agent. SSB and Vihar Police have coordinated to extend the Border security amid new threat emerged across Border.

SSB letter to Bihar DM-

Coronavirus infected trespassed in India

SSB said that around 200 people supposed to be Coronavirus positive reached to Nepal and are hidden in Mosques of Nepal and trying to enter India. However SSB General Director clarified that SSB had input that Coronavirus infected infiltrators could try to infiltrate inside Indian territory, but they have not been successful so far, we have increased the security across Border.

Coronavirus infected trespassed in India

Bihar Police on other hand taking cognizance of the matter have tightened the state borders and even sealed three districts borders. Begusarai, Nawada and Siwan districts have been sealed on Friday and people are now allowed to move one home to another, direction issued by Bihar DGP.

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