INDIA Cases - 216,824, Deaths - 6,088

Global Cases - 6,568,510, Deaths - 387,957

Coronavirus India Update Lockdown Day 21- Total cases crosses 10,000 With new hotspots - See Latest
Coronavirus India Update Lockdown Day 21- Total cases crosses 10,000 With new hotspots

As per the report, India moves to the 21st day of its's nationwide lockdown, here are the highlights of events and state-wise coronavirus case updates that are briefed. As per scheduled Prime Minister Modi has announced to extend lockdown till 3rd May. Today in India coronavirus case crosses 10,000 nationwide. On the other hand COVID-19, positive cases are surging at a rapid rate as Screening and testing increased in various states. A number of Coronavirus cases in India have crossed 10,363 marks with 339 casualties as reported by John Hopkins University. Covid19 cases in India have started increasing rapidly for last some days & more than 1211 plus cases are being registered across India. In Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi several hotspots have emerged and it has resulted in various areas across India are now sealed.

Coronavirus cases increasing 1211 plus are reported last 24 hours, and the total confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country have 10,363 including 339 deaths, said Lav Aggarwal joint secretary Healthy and family welfare. 1036 people have recovered from diseases so far.

Coronavirus India Update Lockdown Day 21

As per the latest report of coronavirus, Maharashtra is the worst affected state with 2,334 coronavirus cases. Delhi coronavirus case 1,510, Tamil Nadu (1,173), Rajasthan (873), Madhya Pradesh (604), Telangana (562), Uttar Pradesh (558) and Gujarat (539) are among the other worst-affected states. With 1,211 new COVID-19 infections reported in the past 24 hours, the total number of coronavirus cases in India rose to 10,541, according to the latest data from the Health Ministry. According to the Ministry, 1205 people have been cured so far. Covid19 India Lockdown Day 21 Updates. On 21th day of Lockdown, India reached 10,541 marks and in the last 24 hours, most numbers of cases have been found across the country so far. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in his speech to the nation today an extension of the national blockade until May 3 but said regions showing improvement in virus containment extended until April 20 may see some relaxation for essential activities, but that will also come with conditions The government will issue detailed guidelines tomorrow. Earlier on Saturday, the Prime Minister had held consultations with the chief ministers through videoconferences. Many states have already announced an extension of the blockade.

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Total Coronavirus cases cross 10,000 With new hotspots 

Globally, the total number of coronavirus cases has crossed 19 lakh, while deaths have risen to 1.19 lakh, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University. With more than 5.8 lakh cases, the United States is the most affected country, followed by Spain (1.7 lakh), Italy (1.6 lakh), France (1.37 lakh) and Germany (1.30 lakh). In the USA In the USA, the death toll has crossed 23,600, followed by Italy (20,465), Spain (17,756), France (14,967) and the United Kingdom (11,329).

Total number of confirmed cases in India- 10,541 
New Cases - 88    
Recovered- 1205   
Deaths- 358    

Total number of confirmed cases worldwide- 1,926,305
New Cases- 2,457
Recovered- 452,603
Deaths- 119,732

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