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Coronavirus in India (Latest Updates): In Kerala alone 15 suspects identified, Special Air India Flight for Evacuation - See Latest
Coronavirus in India (Latest Updates): In Kerala alone 15 suspects identified, Special Air India Flight for Evacuation

In the wake of Coronavirus’s outbreak in India latest updates are coming on Friday as another person in Kerala admitted to Thrissur General Hospital with symptoms of Coronavirus. In total 15 persons in Kerala state are under surveillance in the Kerala along. Among total 15 suspects 9 of them are in isolation wards and rest are being monitored at home in Kerala State as Health Minister of Kerala confirmed. On Friday Air India also confirmed that Air India is sending its 423-seater jumbo plane from Mumbai for the evacuation of Indian citizens from Wuhan province in China.

In earlier case a student from Kerala had been studying at China’s Wuhan University was confirmed as infected with Coronavirus in India. The patient is being monitored in hospital and is currently stable said a report published.

Coronavirus in India: Latest Updates

As per recent social media post report is coming that around 60 techies from Telangana state and Andhra Pradesh are stuck in Wuhan. On Friday they released a video informing that they are safe and sound while also requested an evacuation from Wuhan in China.

Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja on Friday said that the patient who had returned from Wuhan (China) and had tested positive for Coronavirus and now he is stable. She may be shifted to Thrissur Medical College from Thrissur general hospital today, Minister said.

Coronavirus in India- Recent Updates-

The person infected with coronavirus in Kerala has been shifted from Thrissur General Hospital to the isolation ward of Thrissur Medical College due to security reasons.

Air India spokesperson confirmed that on behalf of Government of India Air India special flight will depart today from Delhi for Wuhan (China) for the evacuation of Indians.

Kerala is preparing the battle ground against coronarvirus. At Mid night, 4 ministers headed by Health Minister K.K Shailaja are attending a meeting with health Team at Medical College in Trissur district in which first case was reported.

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WHO declares International Emergency

World Health Organisation (WHO) on Friday declared international emergency over coronavirus as AFP news agency quoted. Organization also specified that there is no reason to restrict international travel over China virus reports.

World Community is closely watching the situation raised from Wuhan in China and in this US also confirmed the first case of person-to-person spread of coronavirus.

Italy earlier suspended all China flights after coronavirus cases confirmed. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said in his tweet.