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Coalition Govt Can Be Formed in Haryana !! Possibilities for BJP Congress JJP - See Latest
Coalition Govt Can Be Formed in Haryana !! Possibilities for BJP Congress JJP

Haryana General Assembly Election Results has been declared & now speculations are being made to form the New Government in Haryana State. BJP party led by ML Khattar emerged as Number one Party & Bhupender Singh Hooda led Congress Party as second. Haryana Assembly Result was declared yesterday on 24th October & gave a setback to BJP Party most whose Several Cabinet Ministers (See List of Top Leaders BJP who Faced Big Blow) were defeated and in contrast to BJP, JJP a New Party led by 31 Years old Dushyant Chautala earned 10 seats in the state. As per speculations made by experts, BJP is top emerging party with 40 Seats & likely to form the Coalition government. BJP would like to form the Government in Haryana by joining Independent Winners in Assembly polls 2019 & chances are high in this case.

BJP on Top to Form Government with Independents

As per the Matrix came after declaration of Haryana Assembly Elections Result, BJP as Number one party with 40 Seats likely to form the Government after showing its majority to Government of Haryana in Floor Test. On other hand BS Hooda led party is also in contest to form Government, but Only in case JJP gives its support to Hooda & Congress convince other Independent MLAs. If BJP loose Floor Test, then second option will be given to Congress to form the Government.

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What Conditions Suitable for BJP-

If 6 independent MLAs who have won their seats join the BJP Party for Government Formation and also any other BJP MLA doesn't break with Party, BJP could pass the Floor Test by showing Majority. In formation of new government in Haryana State, former BJP President Amit Shah has called Manoharlal Khattar to Delhi & based on reports, Independent MLA from Sirsa- Gopal Kanda who won at his seat as Independent along with few other leaders has reached to Delhi. 

How JJP & Congress can Form Government-

Congress JJP Independets

Yes, Congress Party can form Government in Haryana, but only if Party convinces JJP & All other candidates who have won as Independent. If Congress & JJP join there will be 41 in numbers and still they will lack 5 Seats. JJP+Congress+Independents can make their game easy, but their fate is depends on BJP. If BJP Party either fails at first Stage to show majority at Floor test or their MLAs collide and rebel against BJP Party and Join hands with Hooda the matrix will be easy.

Can BJP Party Join JJP-

Bhartiya Janta Party if fails in convincing 6 MLAs from Independent there will be chances to form Coalition Government in Haryana & only two options will left for BJP Party. Either by joining hands with JJP Party or with Congress Government could be form. But as per election campaign runned by JJP leader Dushyant Chautala he will not form coalition with BJP and in case that is required, the Coalition will be on big compromise for BJP. Dushyant Chautala will either pitch for Chief Minister as himself or Deputy Chief Minister or Half Term Chief Minister. So the coalition government chances of BJP+JJP are only 30%.

Government Formation in Haryana State

Check Booth Wise / Seat Wise Winners List

1)- BJP+Independents- 50%

2) BJP+JJP- 32%

3) JJP+Congress+Independents- 10%

4) BJP+Congress- 8%