Citizenship Amendment Bill Top Highlights: Amit Shah VS Opposition Uproar in Parliament

Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday tabled the Citizenship Amendment bill amid uproar in Parliament from Congress & other opposition parties. The amendment bill in convergence to grant Indian citizenship to non-Muslim refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Refugees of Pakistan, Bangladesh & Afghanistan who escape religious persecution there and seek Indian Citizenship, tabled by Amit Shah in Lok Sabha. Here we are bringing top highlights of Citizenship Amendment Bill beginning from Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s speech to Opposition reaction on CAB. Congress led the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) protest on Monday joining hands with other opposition parties against the CAB Amendment.  

Citizenship Amendment Bill Highlights- Amit Shah vs Opposition

Union Home Minister Amit Shah faced quite uproar in Parliament on Monday over Citizenship Amendment Bill. The CAB bill introduced over to amend the 60 plus years’ old Citizenship Act which provide Indian citizenship to non-Muslim refugees from Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan. CAB was brought to the table by HM Amit Shah and defended by him. Opposition parties chiefly Congress objected the CAB Bill and termed it is in violation of the Indian Constitution, secular ethos, culture and Indian civilization. 

Citizenship Amendment Bill Top Highlights-

amit shah over cab

Home Minister also assured the Parliament that bill will not take away rights of Muslims as opposition is trying to create the havoc over Amendment. 

Citing the folly of Congress Home Minister said that, if in Past Congress had not done partition just on the basis on religion, then, today we would have not needed this Bill. Congress did partition on the basis of religion. 

Even voting took place in Lok Sabha over the amendment Bill. Voting in Parliament at around began for discussion on Citizenship Amendment Bill in Lok Sabha

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The CAB Bill is aims to amend the six decade old Citizenship Act over Indian citizenship to non-Muslim refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan 

BJP later issued a three-line whip to all BJP MPs to be present in the Parliament from December 9 to December 11 over the CAB Bill.

CAB Bill

December 11, 2019 CAB Bill Highlights

Latest News- Citizenship Amendment Bill to be introduced in Rajya Sabha today- BJP confident of support as per reports

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted- He strongly condemns the CAB Bill and termed the amendment bill as violation of Human Rights and bilateral agreement with Pakistan.

Shiv Sena also not to support CAB Bill in Rajya Sabha and changes its stance not to support the Home Minister introductory CAB Bill

Breaking News- Citizenship Amendment Bill Passed in Rajya Sabha with 115-92 votes

CAB Bill 12 December 2019

cab bill passed in rajya sabha

On Citizenship Ammendment Bill Home Minister Amit Shah says- Pak PM's comment and Congress's comment- both are alike. Why are you (Congress) rattled? I want to ask why did Congress oppose the Enemy Property Bill.

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