Brazilian President will be Chief Guest of Republic Day 2020: Modi met Jair Bolsonaro @BRICS - See Latest
Brazilian President will be Chief Guest of Republic Day 2020: Modi met Jair Bolsonaro @BRICS

BRICS2019 Brasilia- The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has confirmed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited the President of Brazil to the Republic Day 2020 & he has accepted the invitation. The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro accepted the invitation with pleasure at the sidelines of BRICS2019. Prime Minster on Thursday met the Brazilian President and both agreed on several cooperation agreements and discussed several issues at delegation level meeting. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro will be Chief Guest of Republic Day 2020 is confirmed by MEA Govt of India. 

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In Russia Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the Brazilian President and invited him for the Republic Day 2020.The 11th BRICS summit is being held in Brazil & on Wednesday Brazilian President collaborated with Indian delegation. PM Modi also thanked President Jair Bolsonaro for providing vis-free-travel to Indians in Brazil. Both leaders also discussed the trade and other bilateral issues in meeting. 

Earlier to the meeting with Brazilian President Prime Minister Modi also met the Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Premere Xi Jinping. 

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ANI Agency tweeted that Indian PM & delegation had an excellent meeting with President Putin. During their talks, delegation reviewed the full range of India-Russia relations. India & Russia are cooperating extensively in areas such as trade, security & culture. People of our nations will benefit due to close bilateral ties. PM Modi holds bilateral meeting with President of Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, on the sidelines of BRICS2019 Summit.