By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 02, 2020 12:00 IST
Bihar man killed for Giving Coronavirus update, Mob lynching during Lockdown

Bihar: The situation is becoming more critical a person who is from Bihar has been killed by two-person because he gave the updation of the Coronavirus. Actually, that man informed about that person who was the patient of the Coronavirus and not telling anyone about it. He wants to make awareness around the town, in Bihar but when those people knew about that man who was informing to Coronavirus Help Center about the infection of Coronavirus. Recently, those people returned from Maharashtra and their families in Sitamarhi's Madhaual village. But after that those families who returned from the Sitamarhi's Madhaual village had been arrested.

Bihar man killed for coronavirus update in mob Lynching

After clearly announced the Cronavirous is an epidemic by WHO, all the people are frightened due to Novel Coronavirus. As it happened in Bihar and was killed due to spreading awareness, as it should be stopped. Prime Minister announced 21 days Lockdown as it is only the option due to stop spreading the Coronavirus. Some people are spreading the rumor around the world due to Coronavirus, those people who don't know exactly about it, are frightened. 

It is sad to say that the condition of Italy, the US, etc of the biggest facilities country. People don't want to tell the government about the infections of the coronavirus, because if they will tell the government about the infection so the government will send the doctor to cure them if unfortunately, they died so the body of those people will not be given to the families. But a person tries to tell about the coronavirus patients to the Coronavirus Help Center so he was killed by the others because he told about coronavirus patients.

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Bihar man killed for coronavirus

Those people who have booked their train tickets and the railway tickets and waiting for the exact day to travel are in a problem. This is the dangerous death of the people ever because Novel Cronavirous attacks your respiratory system and block you from some system in your heart. After some time your will feel difficulty breathing and as you think this is a very frightened death of the human.

As the current report total number of the dead people in India is 32, which is the result of the Lockdown and those countries who took time to Lockdown, you can see the result of those countries also like, Italy, Us, Switzerland, etc.

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